Monday, January 2, 2017

Stunning stories of leadership and twitter

 By @okieprof
Stunning. I've run out of adjectives and superlatives to tell the stories @JillCastilla, president and CEO of @CitizensEdmond in Edmond, and other speakers in #clarkclass, but that word comes close, especially for her.
She brings a refreshing can-do attitude based on hard work, honesty and humility, "owning her own story," as she puts it. 
Right before Christmas break was the third time she's spoken to my unique Twitter for Media class at UCO, #clarkclass, and every session she brings something new and inspiring. In the intense eight-day winter intersession class of 27 mostly graduating seniors, she becomes a vibrant and positive role model for success, especially to my 22 female students. 
Citizens just opened its tradition-breaking "You've-never-seen-a-bank-lobby-like-this" downtown that exemplifies what she and her team have accomplished in turning a back around in just seven short years, much of which was accomplished through social media. She's built a national reputation and garnered national awards and honors for her work in community banking--and advises others on the use of social media in business.
You can read about previous visits at these two links: Vibrant Influence  ;  Creativity from adversity
Her  marketing director, Ann Chen, @AnnJ_Chen accompanies her, running the visual and live tweeting during our class. 
@okieprof's comment: I can't type fast enough on my little phone to keep up with Jill's constant stream of advice and wisdom. Then it takes this old journalist time to decipher notes and process. I just know our students, our program, our university is blessed to have her as a friend. 
Oh, the group shot at the top of my page, and below, was Jill's idea two times ago. It's become a tradition, as this class explodes in possibilities, thanks to her, our other speakers, and our great students.
What follows are some of our students debriefing comments after Jill left,  recorded by @johngardener358.
  • Creativity can’t happen in a no fail environment
  • When you shine the light on others it will come back to you.
  • Doesn’t matter where you get your degree from as long as you apply it.
  • Find out what your weaknesses are, own those weaknesses and learn how to make them your strengths
  • If you handle convicts with machetes and chainsaws, you can handle the Fed.(Her personal experience)
  • If you do good, you’ll do well as a result
  • CEO should be accessible and accountable
  • Cherish the times that you struggle in darkness that’s where the greatest light comes from
  • I’m not going to die if I fail
  • I am a pro at feeling insecure
  • Being in the Army was almost shameful time in my life , but ultimately what landed me my dream job
  • Start owning your story ; there’s a lot of strength there
  • Shows CEO is involved when response personally
  • #clarkclass is one of the most relevant classes that you can take in college
  • Your changes in life can often can be your incentive to change
  • Started from the bottom to the top
  • Moving to a small town she didn’t know anyone and social media created that intimacy with people you just met.
The esteem of my students showed in their own hashtag, #chillwithjill. Here are a few of the students' live tweets during class:
  • @JillCastilla can take 33 credit hours in a semester, and I can barley manage 12 credit hours in semester. #Goals #ClarkClass @UCO_MCOM
  • "Your challenges in life can often be your incentive to change." -@JillCastilla @UCO_MCOM #clarkclass
  • "Character is built in the valley" -@JillCastilla #clarkclass @UCO_MCOM
  • Cherish the times that you struggle in darkness, because that's where the greatest light comes from. @JillCastilla @UCO_MCOM #clarkclass
  • As a leader in your community, your community is your product. @JillCastilla #clarkclass @UCO_MCOM
  • If I had to describe @JillCastilla in one word it would be RESILIENT. #clarkclass @UCO_MCOM
  • "It doesn't matter where you get your degree from; it's about the hard work and dedication you put in" -@JillCastilla #girlboss #clarkclass
  • If I worked hard and paid attention I could do just as well or better than they did." -@JillCastillia #clarkclass
  • Social media can help individuals make connections in new environments and with new people. -@JillCastilla #clarkclass
  • If I worked hard and paid attention I could do just as well or better than they did.-@JillCastillia #clarkclass
  • "My community is my product in many ways ... you are able to showcase it." -@JillCastilla @UCO_MCOM #clarkclass
  • “Social media is going to be woven into any pursuit that you have.” - @JillCastilla #clarkclass @UCO_MCOM
#clarkclass 7.0--Twitter for Media, UCO Mass Comm, & @JillCastilla, center, & @Okieprof, far left

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