Wednesday, January 4, 2017

From parties to positive power and advice

@ScottWilliams preaching to #clarkclass
 By @Okieprof
I felt like I'd been to church, I tweeted.
So did the rest of #clarkclass after being energized when @ScottWilliams, spoke to my twitter for Media Class at UCO- Mass Comm. He's the CEO of Nxt Level Solutions.
A pastor who's struck out on his own as a business strategist, Scott has built a national and world wide reputation  as a consultant, much through the use of twitter and other social media, plus podcasts, radio, YouTube, author, speaking.
His blog, Big Is the New Small, includes more biography, and is the title of one of his books. Check Amazon.
But that just doesn't explain or touch the power  he brings into the room in engaging anyone he talks to. The words "blown away" comes close to summarizing his impact. We were fortunate to benefit from his generosity in time and creativity.
A graduate with two degrees from Central about 20 years ago, he started what would now be called networking by hosting parties for colleges students.
His accomplishments since held the students spellbound.
Here are just a few of my students' live tweets of his quotes:
  • ”There's two things you can control - attitude and effort.
  • "If you're thinking about now, you're too late."
  • "As soon as you step into who you are, it changes everything."
  • "Encouragement is the fuel that propels you down the road of success."
  • “The difference my generation and your generation, is that yours doesn’t have any excuses.”
  • "You can't be great at every aspect of social media. Find the one you're the best at and stick with that."
  • "Being an early adopter allows you to become a voice or an influencer."
  • "Twitter was the single most important element In this election no matter what side you were on."
  • "Experience, not a degree: That's gonna be your ticket."
  • "Be kind. That's the thing that goes the farthest."
  • Oh, he's the strategy doctor. Leadership, Strategy, Technology.
  • "The only thing that keeps people reading is great content".
  • "People are no longer interested in what you're selling. They're interested in the story you're telling."
  • "If you want to win, you have to help others win." "Anyone can schedule posts, but none of that matters without the strategy."
Here are some of the debriefing comments  from the class, recorded by @TheJessPhillips.
  • Be confident.
  • If you’re going to be the best, learn from the best
  • Don’t let the insecurities of others squander your confidence
  • People only care about your story
  • Control attitude and effort
  • Help Others Win and you will win – HOW
  • The cup is always full--help fill everyone else – passion for helping others
  • Always ask to be introduced
  • Where you start is not where you’ll finish
  • Thinking what’s now is too late
  • Nothing is unattainable
  • Everything comes and go – like style
  • Encouragement is the fuel to success
  • Our generation has no excuses
  • Little experience can take you far
  • ROCK – be real, often, calculated and kind
  • Push the limits – don’t conform, be you
  • Encouragement, cup is all the way full
  • Owning who you are changes everything
  • Never keep doing something just because you’ve always done it
  • Paint whatever story you want
  • "Blackberry Syndrome"--not changing
  • Honesty about others wanting to help you
  • Emphasized kindness and helping others
  • Tell the story of what you’ve learned from your experience
80:20 rule – share 80% positive, 20% negative

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