Thursday, January 15, 2015

OKC 50 to follow

Ok, #clarkclass, here's the list promised by @rcrissinger of @bumbershootPR

A few people to follow on Twitter in OKC’s arts and entertainment culture
A good starter kit list for staying informed about cool things happening in Oklahoma City. @ferrisobrien – Ferris O’Brien, Majordomo, The Spy FM
Nathan Poppe, Entertainment Editor, The Oklahoman / Editor, LOOK at OKC @jennpc1 Jennifer Chancellor, Editor, Oklahoma Gazette
@Mister_Sommer Social media, VI Marketing @heidewrite Heide Brandes, Freelance journalist, Reuters
@fowow Jonathan Fowler, VP of Operations, Fowler Holding Company / co-founder Norman Music Festival
@YelpOKC Julie Porter, Community Manager OKC, Yelp!
Ali Meyer, Reporter, KFOR (NBC 4)
Lacey Lett, Reporter, KFOR (NBC 4) / Columnist, LOOK at OKC @emilyrsutton Emily Sutton, Meteorologist, KFOR
Patrick, Editor,
Ryan Lacroix, Host, Oklahoma Rock Show (KOSU/ @Graceisfashion Grace Gordon, fashion blogger, Co-Host, Oklahoma Rock Show @Rayke Ryan Drake, Comedian
LIVE on the Plaza, 2nd Fridays in Plaza District
H&8th Night Market, Final Fridays at Hudson and 8th Street in Midtown @stevelackmeyer Steve Lackmeyer, Downtown Business Reporter, The Oklahoman @bdhumphreys Blair Humphreys, Urban Developer
Co-owner, The Tower Theatre
The Tower Theatre
Dustin Akers, City Planner
Chad Huntington, Bricktown/OKC River Taxi/Red Dirt Emporium @jackfowlerart Jack Fowler, Artist
Jerrod Smith, Artist, Owner, The Society OKC
@oddfab Hugh Meade, Artist, Owner, Oddfab Design Lab
Chris Nguyen, Photographer, Quit Nguyen Photography
Chris Wiser, Sugar Free Allstars/Wiggle Out Loud
deadCENTER Film Festival
– Filmmaker, “Rudderless” / Creative Director, Funnel Design
@cackiness Cacki Poarch, former Director of deadCENTER Film Festival
Lance McDaniel, current Director of deadCENTER Film Festival
Jarod Evans, Blackwatch Studios
Chad Copelin, Blackwatch Studios
Jabee Williams, Rapper
Chase Kerby, Musician, Defining Times
Oklahoma City Energy Football Club
Ludivine restaurant in Midtown
The R&J Supper Club
Jonathon Stranger, Chef, Ludivine
Josh Valentine, Executive Chef, The George (opening soon at top of Founders Tower) @TheFoodDood Dave Cathey, Food Editor, The Oklahoman
Empire Slice House, pizza restaurant in the Plaza
Sheri Guyse, Social Media Director, A Good Egg Dining Group
Dan Mahoney, VP of Communications, OKC Thunder
Tracey Zeeck, Owner, Bumbershoot PR
Brian Winkeler, Owner, Robot House Creative
Phil Bacharach, Communications Director, Oklahoma Dept. of Education @DavidHolt Senator David Holt
Co-owner of @awfulobjects
Dave Rhea, Marketing Director, Phillips Murrah

Friday, January 9, 2015


What have you learned and why is it important to you. Be specific about speakers.
Due at 9:30 tomorrow, 1.5/2 pages.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Today's agenda--

Oklahoma Today editor Steffie Corcoran and UCO alum Sarah Cowan.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

An energetic OKC 'go-getter' --no boxes allowed

From @Okieprof, #clarkclass
There's nothing "low key" about Sheri Guyse @MyJrny. This favorite former UCO student and friend may first seem that way when speaking to students in #clarkclass but once she starts answering questions about her multi-faceted experiences, they're intrigued by this exceptional, energetic woman.
As a foodie and a professional, she's communications director dealing with social media and more for nine restaurants for Good Egg Dining Group, a job she helped create after being laid off  elsewhere. 
She's also a blogger, Really Most Sincerely. ("I love food, music and people") She's studying to be a Life Coach. As a lover of music, she hosts house concerts, Sherry's Living Room; and she's the mother of two children. There's more, like maker of legendary toffee, founding a Rotary Club, and the list goes on. Getting to know people like Sheri make this a dream job for a professor.
She spoke to #clarkclass today. Here are students' debriefing comments.

  • She was very down to earth
  • Liked how the restaurants are very in tune with customer complaints
  • She seemed soft spoken
  • Very interesting how she made up her own job. Cool that she got to write out exactly what she wanted to do and make her own job.
  • She is a go-getter and liked how she put herself out there and told her boss what his business was missing and how she could help with that
  • Liked how she said to read a lot because it makes you a better writer
  • She has a lot of different interests and she branches out and does what she is passionate about
  • "Comparison is a thief of joy"
  • Sometimes you need to take a break from social media because it can be addicting
  • Likes the idea of living room concerts
  • She is a very open person and you can tell that from her she is good at everything she does
  • She doesn’t put herself in a box. She has a wide variety of things she loves to do.
  • She acknowledged how important it is to find time for yourself.
  • She is very ambitious and she is almost an entrepreneur in a way in how she sells her talents
  • She made a point to say there is such thing as too much tweeting
  • It was cool that she gets to be involved with the ground zero of starting restaurants and see the progression of that
  • She balances her life really well
  • Is very trusting letting 50+ people in her home once a month
  • “Find your tribe” everyone has different tastes and there’s a “tribe” for everyone
  • Talked about the techniques for social media. Such as the rush hour time and knowing how often and when to post.
  • She seemed very driven and always wants to push herself
  • Doesn’t go out of her way to promote herself

This reporter knows OKC

From @Okieprof, #clarkclass

I missed Steve Lackmeyer's @stevelackmeyer Monday presentation to #clarkclass, with @Dezhill pinch hitting for me. Steve, a solid reporter, author and columnist, has developed a city-wide reputation for being on top of almost everything happening in OKC. I've seen him covering a meeting for The Oklahoman, and while taking notes, he's also tweeting and blogging about it.

Here are my students' comments in the debriefing session
, recorded by @alyssaramsey13. .
  • Jon Wallace--It was in 1995 that The Oklahoman was coming around with a website prototype. Listen to all the facts and get a good grasp of what’s going on before you report.
  • Brad Rector--liked the paywall  idea--something new to learn about.
  • CJ Lance- -the portal idea of the future: how everything will want to be in one portal sometime in the future
  • Jake Scott--140 characters can end your career or boost it. Consistent with all the speakers
  • Rio Columbus--following different places in the community to learn different things about the community around you
  • Ryan Mitchell--Talked about the differences of facebook and twitter audiences
  • Alyssa Ramsey--If you aren’t having consistent content and interacting with the community consistently, it is easier for people to misinterpret your personality and they way you present information.
  • Logan Bethea–-Content isn’t free, but people want it to be. It takes money to get reporters out to tell the stories and it also can cause emotional tolls on the reporters. There really isn’t a price you can put on the stories the reporters are getting for you.
  • Sam Ashford--liked how far he went to confirm the Whole Foods story. Important to get confirmation of your sources and make sure your facts are correct and credible
  • Sofia Wells--You don’t have to completely change stories for different social media sites--you can always use different leads to capture different audiences.
  • Danielle York--Criticism comes with social media and you need to be able to handle it. Why put things on social media if you don’t want people to comment on it.
  • Chandler Murphy--Gave us a visual of the bombing and got to hear a perspective of the bombing she hasn’t heard yet and seeing his emotions tied to that.
  • Bethany Travino--Every speaker has mentioned getting a twitter to keep up with things they want to know about and to make sure they are informed
  • Rachel Pyle--You need to be involved with your community and tweet to your followers and know what they want to read about
  • Jacob Beeman--A good balance between work and his personal life on twitter. He can post funny things, yet also post news stories and still providing important information.
  • Jasmine Pride- he doesn’t just use it to tweet, he uses it to help people be more connected with their community
  • Alex Knox--has humor and is aware that people make fun of him and he stays light-hearted about it
  • Rayven Boone--don’t be mad if people disagree with you if you are posting stuff on twitter and putting it out for the world to read
  • Emily Hall--life can be serious, but it's not. Pick your battles on social media.
  • Jacob Foster--talked about the Lost Ogle. It keeps people in line, doesn’t allow people to let their heads get to big and it's sort of a watch dog for the media
  • Danny Flores--important that he engages with his readers every Friday at 10:30. That helps him to be successful and know what his readers are looking for.

Tomorrow's changed agenda

Our speakers will be Adrienne Nobles, UCO assistant vice-president in university relations, @anobles, and social media coordinator Phillip Dunford. You can find Adrienne's previous comments to #clarkclass by searching Coffee with Clark.

Tomorrow's agenda

1. Tomorrow's speaker: Research Rob Crissinger @rcrissinger with Bumbershoot PR and search Coffee with Clark for previous comments. Tweet him a question you'd like him to discuss tomorrow. By 5 pm today.
2. twitterpresentations

Monday, January 5, 2015

Tomorrow's agenda

1. Our speaker will be Sheri Guyse, Communications director for Good Egg Dining Group, owners of Republic, Tuckers, Red Prime, Cheevers, Iron Star. Sheri @MyJrny, is a UCO journalism grad. Research her today, on her blog "Really Most Sincerely," and on Coffee with Clark, since she's spoken to #clarkclass before.
Tweet her a question by 5pm today.
2. Be ready with your  presentations.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

#clarkclass read all @stevelackmeyer posts

#clarkclass--required reading by 9:30 tomorrow--anything @stevelackmeyer tweets with're going to be blown away; @dezhill

#clarkclass resumes

Class resumes tomorrow with speakers Steve Lackmeyer, Sheri Guyse, Rob Crissinger, Sara Cowen and Adrienne Nobles this week.
Monday's agenda--@stevelackmeyer, The Oklahoman reporter and book  author, who covers OKC and uses social media extensively. 

Quotable practical advice from an up-to-date pro

                                                 From @Okieprof, #clarkclass
Colleague Desiree Hill, @dezhill, adviser of our award-winning student broadcast station,  has a ton of professional broadcast journalism experience. I really relate to her because she's such a pro--keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies, while teaching, advising and working on a doctorate. She does all this with a smile. What stands out to me also is that she learns student names and  provides them with so much practical guidance.
Thus her presentation and organization on twitter in broadcast news, based on lots of reading and her own research in the Tulsa area over time, gave my UCO students a perspective to where this media is going.  And she is so quotable. 
Here are student comments from our debriefing after she spoke to the class just before the holidays, recorded by #clarkclass member @alyssaramsey13.
She walked us through twitter step by step and how she applies it to her life step by step
She had the full package. She knew what she was doing and she is very informed.
Liked that she had a presentation for us and took us through twitter throughout the years and what they did before it

  • Make sure you are on top of technology
  • Old media made the mistake of using new media in old ways and it hurt them to be hesitant for the new technology
  • You can be a student of the world, just not in your little box
  • Twitter makes us better writers
  • Be careful as to what you broadcast. It's important to be first but make sure you are right
  • Twitter is saying a lot in a short statement
  • She said that links could make your tweets have more traffic
  • How detrimental a tweet can be
  • Leave a trail of tweets for people to really know who you are and what you are about
  • 19% of internet users are on twitter
  • Don’t restrict yourselves. Step out of the box of your comfort zone. It's important to accept the new things coming out
  • Who, what and were are important in the media. Make sure you include these to make sure people know what’s going in
  • Make sure to have the basic information needed for the readers
  • Twitter is not the place to be snarky online. Be careful what you are saying to people and if they understand your sense of humor
  • There are no longer gate keepers to make sure what you are saying is true, so check all the things you are reading to see if it’s true
  • Be an expert
  • Be on top of everything
  • A weekend is a lifetime for someone in news
  • Journalism is like chasing a greased pig--there is always something new coming out in the media
  • Use as much detail as possible in your tweets