Tuesday, January 6, 2015

An energetic OKC 'go-getter' --no boxes allowed

From @Okieprof, #clarkclass
There's nothing "low key" about Sheri Guyse @MyJrny. This favorite former UCO student and friend may first seem that way when speaking to students in #clarkclass but once she starts answering questions about her multi-faceted experiences, they're intrigued by this exceptional, energetic woman.
As a foodie and a professional, she's communications director dealing with social media and more for nine restaurants for Good Egg Dining Group, a job she helped create after being laid off  elsewhere. 
She's also a blogger, Really Most Sincerely. ("I love food, music and people") She's studying to be a Life Coach. As a lover of music, she hosts house concerts, Sherry's Living Room; and she's the mother of two children. There's more, like maker of legendary toffee, founding a Rotary Club, and the list goes on. Getting to know people like Sheri make this a dream job for a professor.
She spoke to #clarkclass today. Here are students' debriefing comments.

  • She was very down to earth
  • Liked how the restaurants are very in tune with customer complaints
  • She seemed soft spoken
  • Very interesting how she made up her own job. Cool that she got to write out exactly what she wanted to do and make her own job.
  • She is a go-getter and liked how she put herself out there and told her boss what his business was missing and how she could help with that
  • Liked how she said to read a lot because it makes you a better writer
  • She has a lot of different interests and she branches out and does what she is passionate about
  • "Comparison is a thief of joy"
  • Sometimes you need to take a break from social media because it can be addicting
  • Likes the idea of living room concerts
  • She is a very open person and you can tell that from her she is good at everything she does
  • She doesn’t put herself in a box. She has a wide variety of things she loves to do.
  • She acknowledged how important it is to find time for yourself.
  • She is very ambitious and she is almost an entrepreneur in a way in how she sells her talents
  • She made a point to say there is such thing as too much tweeting
  • It was cool that she gets to be involved with the ground zero of starting restaurants and see the progression of that
  • She balances her life really well
  • Is very trusting letting 50+ people in her home once a month
  • “Find your tribe” everyone has different tastes and there’s a “tribe” for everyone
  • Talked about the techniques for social media. Such as the rush hour time and knowing how often and when to post.
  • She seemed very driven and always wants to push herself
  • Doesn’t go out of her way to promote herself

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