Friday, December 18, 2015

Practical insights and advice from a news maven

Professor  @dezhill is a news junkie, a great teacher, and one of the most forward-looking, up-to-date professionals at UCO. Her presentation and advice on twitter set the tone for #clarkclass this week. Here are her comments, and class comments, recorded by  @cassjack12.

  • who are you-what is your brand on Twitter (journalistically)

    • all comes back to you
  • Twitter is cheap
    • Had to learn rules, not everyone should tweet under certain brands
  • “We’re not done” Twitter/social media is still evolving
  • Companies used to be focused on getting a website, now focused on also getting social media
  • How to think of future ideas/technologies-how will they be used in businesses
  • Social Media and You
  • Just because you have a Facebook, twitter account, doesn’t mean you know how to do it for a news product
  • As an employee of the media entity, you represent all of the company’s broadcast endpoints, TV, web, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • “before you go on a job interview, Google yourself, because WE WILL.”
    • think about what you are representing and what you want to represent
  • Takeaways
  • do not write anything that you wouldn’t say in public
  • assume everything you write online will become public
  • "elevate the industry"
  • Twitter: hard news, breaking, moment-by-moment
  • Facebook: personality, engagement, fitting into feed of users
  • Viral is worth money
    • emotional + social = viral
  • 23% adults on Twitter (as of this summer)
    • 10% users who get news from this
  • 71% on Facebook
  • always go to the research-that is where the truth is, not just what your circle of friends tell you

  • Twitter: business, international news, etc.
  • Facebook: skews higher on politics
  • know audiences for social platforms
  • "set a goal, even if it is ambitious”
  • tweet more frequently
  • how to tweet: transparency, personality, pop culture, breaking news, interactive, links, create a niche, perspective

    • viewer benefit – getting content that is relevant, useful  
  • interactivity
    • respond to viewers
    • ask viewers questions
    • crowdsource
    • dm uviewers and say thank you when they follow you
    • follow opinion leaders
    • get advice from managers
    • learn to know when to stop communicating – if people become too critical
  • shine a light on audience, viewers, followers 


·       Not to be negative

·       don’t tweet you don’t want to go to class or don’t want to do something productive, might make a future employee think you wouldn’t want to come to work or do good work

·       real content, real people, real connections

·       things that others can relate to, has multiple interests and will increase readership or followers

·       viewer benefit-tweet what you know will help your followers

·       people aren’t always going to want to know about you you you

·       want to learn things that benefit them

·       employers finding you on social media

·       know what you post is public

·       YOU represent YOU

·       What makes things viral-building your brand, finding your niche

·       emotional + social = viral

·       Learn how to use social media for your product, adapt and evolve the way you use it

·       Followers may give the upper hand, not always fair or relevant in job hiring, but that is the competitive nature

·       Just because you have a Twitter does not mean you know how to use it PROFESSIONALLY

·       When you come from a place of education you have the ability to elevate your industry” making profile better, having credible sources

·       Surprising that journalist may not share something on Facebook because that would be a way for someone to read articles-avoiding criticism

·       “that sounds challenging, I want to do it” – presentation to news station

·       if you think something is too challenging, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do itif you think something is too challenging, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it

·       interactivity- credible and shows that they care, RESPECTFULLY ENGAGING

·       director of koco -have thick skin

·       always have a goal

·       for photographers- add links

·       if you wouldn’t say it out loud, don’t write it

·       always something new we can use Twitter for

·       not a book for this so we make it as we go

·       multiple industries are able to use Twitter

·       not always posting about yourself

·       journalists should reply to questions- show effort of engagement 

·       From @Okieprof:
  •        if it is not difficult, you’re not going to learn
  •      if you don’t make mistakes, you wont learn

Who to follow in OKC

Ok, #clarkclass, here's the list from @rcrissinger of @bumbershootPR

A few people to follow on Twitter in OKC’s arts and entertainment culture 
Rob says people move around a lot and it's hard to keep up
A good starter kit list for staying informed about cool things happening in Oklahoma City. @ferrisobrien – Ferris O’Brien, Majordomo, The Spy FM
Nathan Poppe, Entertainment Editor, The Oklahoman / Editor, LOOK at OKC @jennpc1 Jennifer Chancellor, Editor, Oklahoma Gazette
@Mister_Sommer Social media, VI Marketing @heidewrite Heide Brandes, Freelance journalist, Reuters
@fowow Jonathan Fowler, VP of Operations, Fowler Holding Company / co-founder Norman Music Festival
@YelpOKC Julie Porter, Community Manager OKC, Yelp!
Ali Meyer, Reporter, KFOR (NBC 4)
Lacey Lett, Reporter, KFOR (NBC 4) / Columnist, LOOK at OKC @emilyrsutton Emily Sutton, Meteorologist, KFOR
Patrick, Editor,
Ryan Lacroix, Host, Oklahoma Rock Show (KOSU/ @Graceisfashion Grace Gordon, fashion blogger, Co-Host, Oklahoma Rock Show @Rayke Ryan Drake, Comedian
LIVE on the Plaza, 2nd Fridays in Plaza District
H&8th Night Market, annual event, June 3, 2016,  Hudson and 8th Street in Midtown @stevelackmeyer Steve Lackmeyer, Downtown Business Reporter, The Oklahoman @bdhumphreys Blair Humphreys, Urban Developer
Co-owner, The Tower Theatre
The Tower Theatre
Dustin Akers, City Planner
Chad Huntington, Bricktown/OKC River Taxi/Red Dirt Emporium @jackfowlerart Jack Fowler, Artist
Jerrod Smith, Artist, Owner, The Society OKC
@oddfab Hugh Meade, Artist, Owner, Oddfab Design Lab
Chris Nguyen, Photographer, Quit Nguyen Photography
Chris Wiser, Sugar Free Allstars/Wiggle Out Loud
deadCENTER Film Festival
– Filmmaker, “Rudderless” / Creative Director, Funnel Design
@cackiness Cacki Poarch, former Director of deadCENTER Film Festival
Lance McDaniel, current creative director of deadCENTER Film Festival
Jarod Evans, Blackwatch Studios
Chad Copelin, Blackwatch Studios
Jabee Williams, Rapper
Chase Kerby, Musician, Defining Times
Oklahoma City Energy Football Club
Ludivine restaurant in Midtown
The R&J Supper Club
Jonathon Stranger, Chef, Ludivine
Josh Valentine, Executive Chef, The George (opening soon at top of Founders Tower) @TheFoodDood Dave Cathey, Food Editor, The Oklahoman
Empire Slice House, pizza restaurant in the Plaza
@BeBravely– Sheri Guyse, life coach
Dan Mahoney, VP of Communications, OKC Thunder
Tracey Zeeck, Owner, Bumbershoot PR
Brian Winkeler, Owner, Robot House Creative
Phil Bacharach, Communications Director, Oklahoma Dept. of Education @DavidHolt Senator David Holt
Co-owner of @awfulobjects
Dave Rhea, Marketing Director, Phillips Murrah 
  • Have added since #clarkclass--@jillcastilla; @MikeSherman
  • Need to be added: Brewer Entertainment, Oak and One, Casey and Marek Cornett, Greg Elwell
  • @Okieprof would add @Stephaniebice and @ScottWilliams, thanks to @JillCastilla
  • See how this grows!

Holiday agenda, assignment

Today's Agenda

1. Rob Crissinger of Bumbershoot PR
2. Tweet about today(hastag all tweets #clarkclass, @UCOBronchos. Mention both @rcrissinger and @BumbershootPR).
**Make sure to when commenting on links!
3. Debriefing
4. Your holiday interviews--and presentation schedule for Jan 4-8.
(Longer classes--Next week's speakers)
5.  Summaries of our speakers' comments will all be up before the end of the weekend. Be sure to review (test material).
5. Terms to know by the time you get back:
  1. tweeple
  2. tweeps
  3. tweet
  4. tweetdeck
  5. tweeting
  6. tweetup
  7. twebie
  8. twitizens
  9. twitterholic
  10. twitterphobic
  11. twitpic
  12. twitter stream
  13. twitterverse
  14. web widget
  15. vlog

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Today--agenda, assignments

  1. Speaker--Mike Sherman, UCO grad, Sports Editor, The Oklahoman
  2. Debriefing
  3. Professionals for your presentation,
  4. Readings from Must reads #13, 14--tweet something about each, by 9 am tomorrow
  5. Discussion of comments yesterday
  6. Twictionary, terms, 
  • direct message (dm)
  • Fail Whale--when twitter crashes
  • follower
  • #FollowFriday
  • following
11-15for tomorrow
  • hashtag
  • Hootsuite
  • link
  • retweet (RT)
  • RSS feed 
Remember, #clarkclass, @UCOBronchos, @UCO_MCOM

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Today's agenda, assignments

  1. Speaker--Jill Castilla, CEO Citizens Bank, Edmond
  2. Debriefing
  3. Professionals for your presentation, guidelines
  4. Readings from Must reads #8, 11, 12--tweet something about each, by 9 am tomorrow
  5. Discussion of comments yesterday
  6. Twictionary, terms, and 6-10 for tomorrow
  • at reply @
  • auto-follow
  • bio
  • blog
Caution on tweeting daily--several have lost points off grade so far


5-10 min Presentation
At top--Your  name, professional's name, professional's twitter name
Paragraph 1--Who they are, what they do
Paragraph 2--how use twitter, how long used, use other social media?
Paragraph 3--Their comments on value of twitter to professional
Paragraph 4--How they've seen it change, what see in the future?
Paragraph 5--Their advice on using twitter

Outline to every member of class--one page--bullet points covering essential information 

Comparison paper

At the top—list speakers, pro sites-your name, date
  1.  intro—twitter in your major—1 pargraph
  2. key points of two speakers
  3. key points of two pros
  4. compare and contrast
  5. what means to you as a pro and tweeter in future
  6. lessons learned

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Today's assignments for tomorrow

1. Find two possible people, companies for your adoption presentation
2. Tweet @MikeSherman questions for Thursday
3. Read and tweet something learned about Numbers 5, 6, 7 on reading list: #clarkclass must reads
4. Find something to favorite and retweet
5. Set up  tweet deck
6. Read the "twictionary" to know first five terms

REMEMBER, tag all tweets #clarkclass. These are all worth grade points if done by deadline.

By 5 pm today, unless you're working. Then by 9 am tomorrow.

Some of our twitter experts

Terms to know


You need to know these terms.
Contest--10 point award--come up with a new twitter term--class votes, due Friday.
  1. at reply @
  2. auto-follow
  3. bio
  5. blog
  6. direct message (dm)
  7. Fail Whale--when twitter crashes
  8. follower
  9. #FollowFriday
  10. following
  11. hashtag
  12. Hootsuite
  13. link
  14. retweet (RT)
  15. RSS feed
  16. tweeple
  17. tweeps
  18. tweet
  19. tweetdeck
  20. tweeting
  21. tweetup
  22. twebie
  23. twitizens
  24. twitterholic
  25. twitterphobic
  26. twitpic
  27. twitter stream
  28. twitterverse
  29. web widget
  30. vlog

Monday, December 14, 2015

Looking ahead--Day 2 agenda

Tweet day 2
·      Roll
·      twitchionary
     Fact sheets
·      Compare 2 speakers, 750 words
·      Professor Desiree Hill @DezHill tweet, questions, ask to debrief each must
·    Follow me—10 mins, follow all
·      Questions for @MikeSherman sent by early tomorrow
J    Jill Castilla coming tomorrow
·      Find something to retweet, favorite
·      Newssource—
·      Apps, can’t keep up—check these out 15 mins
two people to follow, why--need name of who adopt by Thursday

You are responsible for anything on your site
Must not abuse, threaten, impersonate others
Not create or submit unwanted emails to members
Observe copyright
Will removed content unlawful, offrensive, threatening, libelous, obscene
No unauthorized use of trademaark

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Day 1 Must dos and "play time"

1. follow blog by email
2. follow @okieprof
3. post something on  #clarkclass readings
4. Twitter search
 Spend 15 minutes searching twitter about your major area--what did you find you didn't know? tweet with #clarkclass
Finding people on twitter?
and  if you want to pay
5. Review your profile? Is it professional?

Social media and your job

Social media and your job
"You have no privacy, or, there is nothing private."
Dr. Terry M. Clark

·      "Hope I don't get AIDs." Justine Sacco, senior PR person with only 170 twitter followers, on 11-hour flight. Gets off plane, number one trending in world, fired.
·      SAE at OU
·      "Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work."
User Statistics
·      Facebook, 1.28 billion; YouTube, 1 billion; Google+. 1.6 billion; twitter, 645 million; Instagram, Tumblr, 225 million; Linked in, 200 million; Instagram, 150 million; Snapchat, 100 million; Vine, 40 million; flickr, 32 million; Black Planet, 20 million; Goodreads, 13 million.
·      YouTube--300 hours of video are uploaded every minute; ~60% of a creator’s views comes from outside home country. YouTube is localized in 75 countries, available in 61 languages. Half of views are on mobile devices.
·      Twitter-- 288 million monthly active users. 500 million Tweets are sent per day.  Every second, around 6,000 tweets. 80% of Twitter active users are on mobile.77% of accounts are outside the U.S. Twitter supports 33 languages.
·      Facebook--Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded.  890 million posts a day.  4 billion " likes " a day.
·      Snapchat—400 million a day; 70 percent women
Types of social media
·      Social Networks– Services let you connect with other people of similar interests and background. Usually they consist of a profile, various ways to interact with other users, ability to setup groups, etc. The most popular are Facebook and LinkedIn.
·      Media Sharing – Services let you upload and share various media such as pictures and video. Most services have additional social features such as profiles, commenting, etc. The most popular are YouTube, Instagram, and Flickr.
·      Microblogging – Services that focus on short updates that are pushed out to anyone subscribed to receive the updates. The most popular is Twitter
·      Bookmarking Sites – Services let you to save, organize and manage links to various websites and resources.  The most popular are Delicious and StumbleUpon.
·      Social News – Services let you post various news items or links to outside articles and lets users ”vote” on the items. The most popular are Digg and Reddit.
·      Blog Comments and Forums – Online forums allow members to hold conversations by posting messages. Blog comments are similar except they are attached to blogs and usually the discussion centers around the topic of the blog post. There are millions of popular blogs and forums. Includes genealogy, Goodreads.
·      It’s your brand, your new resume.  Remember who you are "talking" to. Facebook vs twitter.
·      Post consistently, to add value.
·      Spread good news.
·      Add links to articles.
·      Not too much self-promotion.
·      Check privacy settings. Control who can search for you and see your posts, photos and tweets.
·      Keep it PG-13.
·      Google yourself, once a month or so.
·      Careful with profile. "Opinions are my own."
·      Build your network. Update Linked in.
·      Avoid time on social media at work.
·      Proofread.
·      Censor yourself.
·      Criticize UCO or people.
·      Post when emotional or drunk.
·      Don’t post inappropriate photos, “Don’t put your boobs” online.
·      Don’t post anything you don’t want your Mom to read.
·      Don’t post offensive messages.
·      Avoid humor, profanity, opinions on religion-politics-morals-sexuality.
·      Don’t respond to extreme views, or stupid “likes.”
Good Examples—Good Egg, UCO, Tweetdeck. Beware “Screenshots.”
Freedom of speech and employment. 
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) receives thousands of complaints each year from employees terminated for what they say and post on their social networks. In a right to work--you can be fired for complaining, unless a group of workers are collectively complaining about working conditions or co-workers. Go to HR.
·      #clarkclassUCO
·      Coffee with Clark