Friday, December 18, 2015

Practical insights and advice from a news maven

Professor  @dezhill is a news junkie, a great teacher, and one of the most forward-looking, up-to-date professionals at UCO. Her presentation and advice on twitter set the tone for #clarkclass this week. Here are her comments, and class comments, recorded by  @cassjack12.

  • who are you-what is your brand on Twitter (journalistically)

    • all comes back to you
  • Twitter is cheap
    • Had to learn rules, not everyone should tweet under certain brands
  • “We’re not done” Twitter/social media is still evolving
  • Companies used to be focused on getting a website, now focused on also getting social media
  • How to think of future ideas/technologies-how will they be used in businesses
  • Social Media and You
  • Just because you have a Facebook, twitter account, doesn’t mean you know how to do it for a news product
  • As an employee of the media entity, you represent all of the company’s broadcast endpoints, TV, web, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • “before you go on a job interview, Google yourself, because WE WILL.”
    • think about what you are representing and what you want to represent
  • Takeaways
  • do not write anything that you wouldn’t say in public
  • assume everything you write online will become public
  • "elevate the industry"
  • Twitter: hard news, breaking, moment-by-moment
  • Facebook: personality, engagement, fitting into feed of users
  • Viral is worth money
    • emotional + social = viral
  • 23% adults on Twitter (as of this summer)
    • 10% users who get news from this
  • 71% on Facebook
  • always go to the research-that is where the truth is, not just what your circle of friends tell you

  • Twitter: business, international news, etc.
  • Facebook: skews higher on politics
  • know audiences for social platforms
  • "set a goal, even if it is ambitious”
  • tweet more frequently
  • how to tweet: transparency, personality, pop culture, breaking news, interactive, links, create a niche, perspective

    • viewer benefit – getting content that is relevant, useful  
  • interactivity
    • respond to viewers
    • ask viewers questions
    • crowdsource
    • dm uviewers and say thank you when they follow you
    • follow opinion leaders
    • get advice from managers
    • learn to know when to stop communicating – if people become too critical
  • shine a light on audience, viewers, followers 


·       Not to be negative

·       don’t tweet you don’t want to go to class or don’t want to do something productive, might make a future employee think you wouldn’t want to come to work or do good work

·       real content, real people, real connections

·       things that others can relate to, has multiple interests and will increase readership or followers

·       viewer benefit-tweet what you know will help your followers

·       people aren’t always going to want to know about you you you

·       want to learn things that benefit them

·       employers finding you on social media

·       know what you post is public

·       YOU represent YOU

·       What makes things viral-building your brand, finding your niche

·       emotional + social = viral

·       Learn how to use social media for your product, adapt and evolve the way you use it

·       Followers may give the upper hand, not always fair or relevant in job hiring, but that is the competitive nature

·       Just because you have a Twitter does not mean you know how to use it PROFESSIONALLY

·       When you come from a place of education you have the ability to elevate your industry” making profile better, having credible sources

·       Surprising that journalist may not share something on Facebook because that would be a way for someone to read articles-avoiding criticism

·       “that sounds challenging, I want to do it” – presentation to news station

·       if you think something is too challenging, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do itif you think something is too challenging, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it

·       interactivity- credible and shows that they care, RESPECTFULLY ENGAGING

·       director of koco -have thick skin

·       always have a goal

·       for photographers- add links

·       if you wouldn’t say it out loud, don’t write it

·       always something new we can use Twitter for

·       not a book for this so we make it as we go

·       multiple industries are able to use Twitter

·       not always posting about yourself

·       journalists should reply to questions- show effort of engagement 

·       From @Okieprof:
  •        if it is not difficult, you’re not going to learn
  •      if you don’t make mistakes, you wont learn

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