Monday, December 14, 2015

Looking ahead--Day 2 agenda

Tweet day 2
·      Roll
·      twitchionary
     Fact sheets
·      Compare 2 speakers, 750 words
·      Professor Desiree Hill @DezHill tweet, questions, ask to debrief each must
·    Follow me—10 mins, follow all
·      Questions for @MikeSherman sent by early tomorrow
J    Jill Castilla coming tomorrow
·      Find something to retweet, favorite
·      Newssource—
·      Apps, can’t keep up—check these out 15 mins
two people to follow, why--need name of who adopt by Thursday

You are responsible for anything on your site
Must not abuse, threaten, impersonate others
Not create or submit unwanted emails to members
Observe copyright
Will removed content unlawful, offrensive, threatening, libelous, obscene
No unauthorized use of trademaark

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