Saturday, January 7, 2017

#clarkclass 10.0 ends with an innovative #twitterclassstorm, pizza

Hideaway lunch for survivors
By @Okieprof
Those who could make it through schedules, and snow and ice, ate at Hideaway Pizza in Edmond, celebrating the end of an intense two weeks. Out of a record 27 students this year, these hardy souls made it to gather one more time.
The class never fails to astound me about the quality and positive attitude of our students at UCO and in UCO_MCOM, and in stuff we all learn in this rapidly changing media world.
An indication of that came with the snow storm that canceled class yesterday and today, leading to a #twitterclassstorm. As the class is unique in Oklahoma, more innovation came as a result. Student presentations of professionals who use twitter were scheduled both yesterday and today.
#clarkclass ready to innovate
What to do? Wing it. Students sent me their summary outlines and screen shots of their "adoptees."
I posted them all on this blog, and then at 10 a.m. we began at twitterclassstorm, all tweeting and commenting as we scrolled through their subjects.
This is probably a first of a class being conducted on twitter. This would not have been possible perhaps five years ago.
You can scan through those reports, in the three previous posts on this blog. Excuse the lack of consistency in format, but there wasn't time to make them uniform since the decision to abandon a campus class for twitter didn't come till about 5 pm last night. I took what I got and posted it.
"Content" the speakers said. We have that. It was loose, with some confusion and questions, but creativity isn't always  so uniform. It emphasized how twitter is a communication tool.
I'm particularly thankful for all our speakers who share their experiences, and to those who agree to be interviewed. You make the class.
It's about time for me to try to write the story of this class. I know I've got enough material from tweets and speaker comments to write a book.
But first, I've got to read  and grade all these students' "analog" but digitally submitted assignments.

Twitter "adoptions" group 3


•    @BemaValentine & @OKCMOA
    •    Marketing and Communications for OKC Museum of Art & part-time journalists for local magazines.
    •    Journalism Broadcasting degree and theater minor.
    •    Uses for Twitter professionally: promote events/films, special programs, and exhibitions.
    •    Uses for Twitter personally: tweet articles written, communication, funny things.
    •    Used Twitter personally since 2009, & used it for Museum since 2014.
    •    Other social media: Instagram, Hyperlapse, Retype, Boomerang, Snapchat and Facebook.
    •    Comments: “The value of Twitter seems to be slowly decreasing as more visual apps such as Snapchat and Instagram have captivated younger audiences. However, there is a niche audience on Twitter when it comes to local issues, prominent members in the civic, artistic, journalism and entertainment industry that organizations should engage with as much as is applicable for business/org.
    •    Changes in Twitter: “Twitter lies in the hands of the media who disperse stories and breaking events online in a quick way. Without journalists and certain niche industries dispersing information on Twitter, I think it’s existence is up in the air.”
    •    Advice: “For Twitter, messaging has to be short and to the point, since you only have 140 characters. Your call to action should be obvious, sharp, catchy and in some cases, witty.
    •    “Also, be careful with who you engage with because sometimes responding to something you think is necessary actually isn’t. Arguments with Twitter trolls are never productive for any organization or personal account holder.”

Sarah Johnston
    •    Sarah Johnston is the social media specialist for Integris Medical Group
    •    She provides content to all of Integris’ social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
    •    Monitors conversations to see what people are saying, and supplies new content on social media platforms daily
    •    Responds to 99% of comments and posts
    •    Whether the comments are negative or positive she responds in a specific manner (HIPAA friendly)
    •    Keeps in mind that patient privacy laws are front and center, and that they are not to be crossed
    •    Uses Twitter as a business to consumer lane. Sees what people are talking about in the medical field
    •    Having a personal social media account has helped her professionally because she already knew the how to maneuver through the different outlets within the social media platform
    •    Twitter is a valuable tool to reach out to your target audience and create a social media presence.
    •    If you want to create a Twitter presence “you have to fish where the fish are” (focus on what audience you are targeting your content towards)
    •    Twitter gives people an instant voice. It’s right at our fingertips, and you have 140 characters to work with.
    •    In terms of posting content on personal or professional Twitter platforms she told me that it doesn’t matter if you’re a social media strategist for a company or not, you are still a voice for that brand or company on Twitter, so watch what you say.
    •    When I’m retweeting an article or posting an article, I make sure I read it fully, and that it is coming from a viable source.

Annie Tucker

    •    Annie Tucker.  @_Annietucker_ , @FuzzysEdmond, @Seven47Norman, @TdelphBricktown (all social media sites she runs)
    •    Annie is a marketing coordinator at The Social Order Dining Collective. They are a local restaurant group, owning all 5 metro Fuzzy’s Taco Shops, Texadelphia Social Grill, Seven47 and coming soon, The Jones Assembly.
    •    She uses twitter everyday for every individual account she runs. She shares content to guests, shares instagram pictures, shares info about any specials or events, or shares info about closing dates. She uses other social media platforms for the restaurant’s she is in charge of such as, facebook.
    •    She believes that twitter has a much more professional usage. It gets news information out quicker. She has to make sure that her restaurants have a presence on social media to stay up with competitors.
    •    She was an early adapter to twitter. She used to prefer twitter to facebook. She used it to communicate with friends, post pictures etc.  She now feels like there are very few left standing with twitter. She believes there has been a major switch from “social” platform to “media” platform. It has gone from something fun to do with friends to a more business/news outlet.
    •    Her advice on using twitter is, “Be brief, post often and don’t be too opinionated.”


Sheri Guyse, @MyJRNY, @BigBravely

    •    Journalism major from UCO
    •    Began her career in Public Relations
    •    Worked for a non-profit, government agency, OKC Chamber of Commerce
    •    Became the Communications Director for A Good Egg Dining Group
    •    Was the first person in Oklahoma to have a social media job in restaurant industry.
    •    Left PR, now owns her own life coaching business, Big Bravely

Twitter History
    •    Joined in 2008, early adopter
    •    Enjoys twitter for the connections and for humor
    •    Likes Instagram and “uses the heck out of Facebook”
    •    FB is most valuable for her business with better capabilities and more traffic
    •    She rarely has business leads from Twitter

Value of Twitter
    •    Twitter is incredibly useful for, “creating connections and building relationships”
    •    Twitter is more instant than FB. See things live.
    •    “If you see two people chatting that you want to talk to, you can instantly engage with them knowing they will reply quickly,”

Changes & Predictions
    •    Changes: new stream, push notifications, change in the “like” icon from star to heart
    •    Predictions: Twitter will not die. Hopes it adds more capabilities beneficial to business

    •    Be cautious what you post.
    •    “Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in front of your mom. I’d say your grandma, but your mom’s a little more lenient.”
    •    “Just because it’s digital doesn’t mean its not real”
    •    “Be authentic. People can always smell douche bag from a mile away.”


Michelle Park
@michellepark92 and @ipsycare

      •    Graduated from New York University with a degree in Media, Culture, and Communication.
    •    Started working with ipsy in November of 2014.
    •    Twitter is important because you can engage with more people in just 140 characters.
    •    Larger audience. Less words, bigger impact.
    •    Twitter allows professionals to push content, which users can then interact with by replying, retweeting, or liking.
    •    She uses the ipsy account to reach out to customers who need support and replies to their questions and concerns.
    •    Twitter stands out from other social media platforms because you must capture attention with interesting, concise, and well-written words, not just images.
    •    On her personal account, she has just started promoting her fitness life and focuses on reaching out to other bloggers and fitness brands to network and create connections.
    •    The future of Twitter is news.
    •    Advice for using Twitter:
    •    Find your niche. Interact with others who have that same passion.
    •    Search a hashtag and be instantly introduced to hundreds of users with the same interests as you.
    •    Engage with others in a positive way, and you will branch out and reach bigger audiences.


    •    Kenna Griffin, @ProfKRG
    •    Direct of Student Publications and Assistant Professor of Mass Communication at Oklahoma City University
    •    She has used Twitter since March 2009
    •    Primary use is to share information, network and learn
    •    Also uses her account to promote her blog and host “Editor Therapy” weekly
    •    Has accounts on other social media, but Twitter is her favorite
    •    Said Twitter is critical for professionals and provides networking opportunities everywhere
    •    She said she sees less conversation and more one-sided communication; expects live video to become more prominent in the future
    •    Converse!


Laace West @lancewest
    ⁃    Who He Is
    ⁃    Lance West is the 4, 5, and 6:30 evening anchor for KFOR.
    ⁃    He also reports regularly, contributes to web content, and posts daily to multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
    ⁃    About His Twitter
    ⁃    He began his account in 2013 but it became verified by Twitter in 2013.
    ⁃    Currently has about 13,000 followers.
    ⁃    Professional Use of Twitter
    ⁃    Twitter has become a critical part of broadcast news.
    ⁃    Post approximately 15 times a day with breaking news, teasing stories, and giving viewers glimpses into his life.
    ⁃    “If users feel like you’re genuine and transparent, it’s an opportunity to earn loyalty and build an audience.”
    ⁃    How Twitter Has Changed
    ⁃    Believes twitter will continue to evolve.
    ⁃    It has become a primary news source for the younger audiences who don’t sit in front of a tv for 30 minutes to watch traditional news.
    ⁃    “Social media is a critical component to our daily story telling duties.”
    ⁃    Advice for Soon-To-Be Graduates
    ⁃    “Don't be stupid. What you post can (and generally will) come back to haunt you.”
    ⁃    “Use the KISS method. Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. “

Twitter adoptions, group 2


    •    Penelope Fisher
    •    Twitter: @memphispenelope
    •    Communications Advisor at FedEx
    •    Previous employment:
    •    Social Media Manager at St. Jude ALSAC
    •    Content Strategist at an Advertising Agency
    •    Uses other media sites:
    •    Facebook
    •    Pinterest
    •    Instagram
    •    Snapchat
    •    Youtube
    •    Twitter wants to be everything
    •    Twitter wants to make money
    •    Twitter may evolve into something completely new
    •    Twitter should stick with what it has
    •    Use Twitter responsibly 

Caitlyn Strider
Adoption Outline
Adoptee: Marc Williams
Handle: @networkingman14

    •    Dr. Marc Williams
    •    CEO/Founder Williams Communications – brand management consulting firm
    •    Author - “The Art of Networking”
    •    College motivational speaker
    •    Twitter handle - @networkingman14
    •    Spreading positivity and motivation
    •    Uses it to stay connected to people he’s met through his profession
    •    And to connect to people who are connected to his connections – networking
    •    Access you get to your audience/consumer and people around the world
    •    Connections you get to start and maintain
    •    Selling and promoting
    •    Feedback
    •    Will continue to adapt
    •    Expanding video capability
    •    Live video
    •    More in the visual direction
    •    If you don’t want your parents to read it, don’t post it
    •    Pay attention to your LIKES
    •    Ignore trolls OR appropriately discredit or correct


Ann Chen @Annj_chen 1/6/2017
  • ❏  What is your occupation? Senior Marketing Officer at Citizens Bank of Edmond.
  • ❏  How or why do you use Twitter? I use Twitter to develop a professional and personal profile.
  • ❏  How long have you been using Twitter? I’ve been using it since October, 2009.
  • ❏  Do you use any other social medias, personal or business affiliated? I pretty much have tried any and all channels at some point, but I predominantly use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat. Some for personal, but mostly for professional because nowadays nothing is really “personal” anymore. Employers and potential employers can view everything.
  • ❏  Your comments on the value of Twitter being used professionally?Twitter is an amazing tool for developing yourself as a professional. It has been the defining channel for my career and is the reason why I came out to Oklahoma. I was the Director of Social Media at a banking trade association in DC where I met Jill Castilla. It is a way to follow interesting people and be able to “reach” celebrities and influencers.
  • ❏  Have you seen Twitter change since you have been using it? Twitter has added many functionalities and all social media channels are changing rapidly to keep up with each other. However, the core of what makes Twitter unique has been kept the same and if that continues, it will remain successful.
  • ❏  Do's and Dont's on Twitter? Be yourself. Use a memorable but professional Twitter handle, create an SEO-based bio, please use a recognizable photo preferably a professional one. Do have something to offer in terms of content: create a reason for people to follow you. Don’t be overly negative or critical. I would also stay away from political comments unless it has something directly to do with your profession. Don’t wait more than 24 hours to respond to something, it’s Twitter after all.

Andonis Bagby
Mika Aariana: @Mikaariana
    •    Who are they and what do they do?
    •    Mika Arianna is  a 21 year old from Miami, Florida.  She is a realtor by day and DJ by night.
    •    How do they use twitter, how long, any other social media?
    •    Mika mainly uses twitter to talk about music, put people onto music, and to be put on to music.
    •    She has been using Twitter since 2011.
    •    The only other social media she is active on is Soundcloud
    •    Value of twitter to a professional?
    •    “Extremely important!!!”
    •    How have you seen it change and what do you see as it’s future?
    •    “I have no idea.”
    •    Advice on using twitter?
    •    “Be marketable with your tweets without jeopardizing your personality. People can tell if you are faking or trying to put on a facade.”


Who they are, what they do?
I chose Erick Worrell to adopt as my professional in the Twitter world. He is the Vice President and Director of Account Service at Staplegun.
How use twitter, how long used, use other social media?
First tweet was on June 18, 2009
Didn't really use it properly until he started at Staplegun in 2012
Their comments on value of twitter to professional
You get out of Twitter what you put into Twitter. You can use it - as I do - for random, disposable, mildly entertaining microblogging, which I think is the original intent of it; or, you can use it to engage with people - positively, critically, intimately, whatever suits you.
How they've seen it change, what see in the future?
Not even Twitter knows what Twitter wants to be in the coming years. I'm a big believer that things swing back and forth, like a pendulum.
Their advice on using twitter
The short version: Don't give anyone a reason to discriminate against you, rule you out, cast doubt on you or question your integrity. Especially when you need a job or are just getting settled at one.


Rob Crissinger

Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Hideaway Pizza.
Helped found three PR firms in OKC, now lives in Tulsa.
Loves pizza and craft beer.

• Uses Twitter… to find news, information and local buzz. More of a listener than a talker on social media. Using it currently to find connections in common as he meets people in Tulsa.

• Started his Twitter… in 2007, during what he calls the “golden era” of Twitter in OKC (07-09)

• On Twitter for professionals… “It is a huge advantage for anyone to advance in any field, but even more so for those with careers that focus on human social interaction and motivation, like PR and advertising.” 

• Twitter gave him an even playing field with a glimpse into the lives of “interesting, imperfect and awesome” people that he otherwise would not have been able to meet.

• Twitter has changed… because “it is way more populated than it used to be, and a little less intimate on average, but more powerful than ever in times of crisis.”

• Advice on using Twitter… “remember that Twitter and all other social media platforms are tools, and tools are meant to work for you, not consume or lead you.”  

•Advice for graduating seniors… “That’s how you advance, not because you’re better than anyone else, but because you care more… It’s not the easy path, the easy path is selfish, safe and secluded. Stars risk the fire to burn as bright as they can. Be a star.”

Christopher Sommer

    •    Who are you and what do you do?
    •    “I’m a human.” Son, brother, and husband who loves his golden retriever.
    •    Works for VI Marketing and Branding as a Social Media Strategist.
    •    Been there for 3 years.
    •    Previously worked as the PIO/spokesperson for American Red Cross.
    •    How long have you used Twitter or other social media?
    •    “Several years, first to just get connected with OKC community.”
    •    Utilized to give the Red Cross a voice.
    •    Also, has a Snapchat, IG, LinkedIn and Fb.
    •    What social media outlet works best?
    •    “Depends on what your goals and needed strategy/tactics are, so hire me and I’ll be happy to help you answer this question over coffee and the exchange of money to help feed my dog, the cutest golden retriever of all time.”
    •    Why is Twitter valuable to a professional?
    •    For making connections in the communication field.
    •    “If you’re a news person, you have to be on it.”
    •    How have you seen it change?
    •    Changed from being an obscure platform and now is at the forefront in our lives.
    •    Future predictions for Twitter?
    •    He thinks that if Twitter keeps messing with the algorithm then they will mess up “live tweets”, then Twitter will lose its purpose.
    •    Advice about Twitter?
    •    Be yourself.
    •    Read more than you Tweet.
    •    Engage with others.
    •    Never do a lame mass follow and unfollow.


Twitter Pro: Devin Miski

In charge of: @GalaxySwimTeam

    •    Co-Founder and Co-Social Media Manager for Galaxy Swim Team
    •    Galaxy Swim Team is an independent electronic music label
    •    Label founded in 2014
    •    Label’s line-up consists of people Miski and his associates know in person and from the internet
    •    Posts daily about recent label releases
    •    Also makes humorous posts
    •    No formal rules on what gets posted on the Galaxy Swim Team account
    •    Currently only has a small following
    •    Thinks Twitter is more important than he’d like to admit
    •    Responds to almost all feedback, most of which is positive
    •    Number one piece of advice is “think before you tweet a hot take”

Twitter "adoptions"--group 1


Professionals and How They Use Twitter

    •    Introduction
    •    I met Shelby Hays (Bridges) in Velma, Oklahoma. We both grew up in the small town, but she is over six years older to me.
    •    She’s an inspiration because of how hard she pursued her dreams.

    •    Who she is and what she does
    •    Her name is Shelby Hays and she is a meteorologist at KOCO (channel 5)

    •    How she uses twitter, how long used & does she use other social media
    •    She’s been on twitter for 6-7 years, but 2011 is when she created her professional twitter
    •    She uses Twitter to push breaking weather information
    •    She is also on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat

    •    Her comments on value of twitter to professional
    •    “Twitter gives viewers real-time information instead of filtered information like Facebook.”
    •    A disadvantage is that there are fewer interactions on Twitter verses Facebook

    •    How she’s seen it change, what she sees in the future?
    •    Using it for personal use verse switching to a professional usage
    •    She doesn’t Twitter growing a lot, because the younger generation is more focused on Instagram and Snapchat

    •    Her advice on using twitter
    •    “My advice on using twitter is to find your niche. Use hash tags to get your posts shown to the right people and to post regularly… it’s easy to be forgotten if you aren’t posting.”

    •    Conclusion
    •    She has over 9,000 followers
    •    She is Twitter verified
    •    She has a business on the side
    •    She is AMS certified (American Meteorology Society)
    •    She is a great person to follow in life and on social media

: Kimberly Querry-Thompson
Occupation: Web Content Producer at KFOR
How do you use Twitter?
    •    As a source of information
How long have you used Twitter?

    •    Seven to eight years.

Do you use other forms of social media for your job?

    •    Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram

What’s the value of Twitter to you?

    •    Breaking/developing stories

How have you seen Twitter change?

    •    They don’t take characters away when you put media on Twitter.

What do you see for Twitter in the future?

    •    I don’t see it expanding as much.

How does Twitter help you with your job?
    •    Able to get breaking news out quickly.
What do you use more, Twitter or Facebook?
    •    Uses Facebook more but all stories go on Twitter as well.
What is your advice for using Twitter?

    •    You have to be careful what you post.

    •    Always use pictures with media because that is what is going to get you the most attention.
    •    Try and stick with a specific hashtag where people will start associating your content with that.
    •    If you are using it as a web producer, you always push a link out because they want you to go to their website for their information Whereas reporters are just putting information out there.

“It is a great tool if you use it.” (Kimberly Querry-Thompson)


Julie Porter Scott (@YelpOKC)
Yelp OKC Community Manager

    •    5 years working for Yelp
    •    Says her job before Yelp to better prepare her for what she does now
    •    Previously a location scout for Oklahoma so she knew many interesting places around OKC
    •    Runs Yelp social media for OKC branch
    •    Creates VIP Yelp Elite events
    •    Active Twitter user since Nov 2011
    •     Says having a personal Twitter is important
    •    Says that Professional Twitter is great to promote and encourage your fellow Twitter friends in your circle.
    •    Says not to censor too much on your Twitter.
    •    Thinks that Twitter is the most influential of the social media sites.
    •    Thinks that Twitter is changing so fast that Twitter doesn’t even know it’s changing.
    •    Balances Yelp Twitter well to maintain Yelps fun personality
    •    Is active on Yelp to promote Yelps brand
    •    Very passionate about her job and helping others out in the community
    •    Very good with communication and being a friendly role model.


Kelly Anne Collins (@itskac)
    •    Kelly Ann Collins is the founder of Vult Lab (@vultlab) and the co-founder of Kitter (@gokittr).
    •    Vult Lab is a Lab offers social media services and consultancy to help
companies, brands, and people with social media account management and integrated social media campaigns.
    •    Kittr is a social media management tool that provides subscribers with:
    •    Optimal post times
    •    Content suggestions
    •    A marketing calendar
    •    Effective hash tags
In order to reach a wider audience more effectively.
    •    This is done by putting your time zone into the Kittr system for an analysis that sets up a queue to generate these tweets and send them out at high traffic times.

    •    Collins has been using twitter both personally and professionally since the March of 2009. Over the past seven years, she has seen it evolve.
    •    “It's great for news (breaking news), staying on top of trends and exploring others' thoughts,” Collins said.
    •    She uses it professionally in order to:
    •    Expand her reach
    •    Engage with her target market
    •    And promote her companies
    •    She also uses, Facebook, Linkdin and Instagram as social media platforms for her companies.
    •    Collins also had some do’s and do nots for using Twitter as well.
    •    Do not talk about yourself too much.
    •    Be authentic and social. DO NOT USE AUTOMATIC SOUNDING DM’S.
    •    Find a good social media tutorial and learn more. 

Christy Duane
6 January 2017

    •    Gazette Advertising Director and overseer of social media.
    •    Uses Twitter occasionally but generally oversees about 5 employees who are in charge of all social media platforms for the Gazette.
    •    The Gazette uses Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube for advertising, giveaways, to upload content and to open discussion up within the community.
    •    Twitter will be replaced by whatever newer and better social media platform is invented.
    •    Ms. Duane is concerned with the misinformation that occurs frequently within the social media universe and hopes that in the future more people will check their sources before posting and reposting.
    •    She also maintains the hope that social media will allow journalists to elevate their journalistic integrity when posting on social media.
    •    The fact that Twitter and other social media reaches so many people globally is frightening when there are so many users who are citizen journalists and are posting false information.

Jill Jennings
Chris Freihofer C.S.A.

    •    Founder and Director of Freihofer Casting
    •    Only certified Casting Director in OK
    •    Uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since the beginning
    •    Posts casting calls to Twitter and Facebook
    •    Finds Twitter to not be helpful to actors
    •    Found Facebook to be more beneficial for business but has started to notice problems

Influencer Outline – Clark Class – Katelyn Brewer – 7 January 2017



Nicole Smartt leaped into her career just out of high school, working as a receptionist at a local staffing firm. Nicole's determination, drive, and commitment allowed her the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder and into a position as a leader and owner. Today, Nicole runs what Inc. Magazine calls "one of the fastest-growing companies in America." Nicole has been featured on platforms such as Forbes, The Washington Post, AOL Jobs, Fox Business, The Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur. She is also a business columnist for her local paper and radio host of Career Conversations on KSRO. In addition to this, she is also a best-selling author for her book “From Receptionist to Boss.”


    •    Self-promotion. Smartt attributes the success of her best-selling book to the use of social media.
    •    Connecting with others within the business entrepreneur niche.


“Twitter is a great place for arising entrepreneurs to have access to mentors like never before.”


    •    We live in an ever-changing society that moves from one thing to the next. Although Smartt is not sure about the future of our favorite social media platform, she does speculate that social media trends are moving more towards live-streaming and more image based content.
    •    Instagram Stories have become a great way for her to connect with her followers and build trust with them, as they can watch her videos on Instagram much like Snapchat.


    •    Share others content more than your own. No one wants to follow someone who only promotes themselves.
    •    Sharing relevant and reliable content from those in your niche is a great way to become an expert in your field and build relationships.
    •    Smartt is also a huge advocate for sharing positivity on social media.


    •    Follow those within your niche, share other’s content more than your own, and always keep it positive.


Precious Timmons
Brooke Pryor
 Sports Journalist for NewsOK
OU football reporter for The Oklahoman
North Carolina Native
 Graduate of the University of North Carolina with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication
Surrounded by sports her entire life
Active Twitter user since September 2010
Previously worked for the North State Journal – Covering a large variety of sports in North Carolina
Previous editor of the Carolina Blue magazine
 Account got verified in October 2016
Suggest that Twitter is used responsibly
Urges before tweeting anything to make sure you’re ok with it representing you in the future
Thinks Twitter will be replaced in the future by something bigger – similar to Myspace
A writer that advocates trying new stuff


#clarkclass 7.0 evaluation

Comment below if possible, otherwise email. Due by 5 pm Jan. 7

1. What was the strongest part of the course for you and why?
2. What was the weakest part of the class and why?
3. What are your suggestions for improving the class?
4. What is your advice for future victims of #clarkclass?

Friday, January 6, 2017

Twitter class meeting tomorrow

Updated instructions, what's required (Read Carefully) :
Begin emailing me your material as soon as you have it ready. Deadline 9:30 tomorrow.
Two emails due:
1. Email speaker comparison paper, 3 pages, as word attachment. Subject line reads "Comparison paper." (There is no outline for this paper.)
2. Adoption presentation email--subject line reads "Adoption," as attachments:
  • 2 page paper (summary of what you would have told class)--this is for me
  • 1 page  outline  of main points(that is what you would have passed out to each class member--outline structure at bottom of this post)
  • Screen shot of adoptee's home user page (If possible, attach at top of outline page--if not, separately)
 Twitterclass instructions:
  1. I will post your outline and adoptee's home user page on the blog. When I get this done, I will notify you  on twitter, then we will all get on twitter to have class. (Check twitter #clarkclass and blog by about 10 am  to see when we do this.)
  2. As we look at each of the adoptees, you will be asked to tweet one main point about your adoption. I expect each of you to retweet at least three of your class members tweets so the adoptees see their coverage. All tweets, retweets to include #clarkclass, @adopee's user name, and @UCO_MCOM (if room)

With 27 of you, I think this should take no more than 1.5 hours.

There will be a class evaluation form posted on the blog by 8 am tomorrow morning. I expect you to try to comment on the blog thoughtfully to each of the few questions. If for some tech reason you can't respond on the blog, you will email me.


And that will do it--you've been a good class, impressed the speakers and me, added to the lore of #clarkclass.

Will need a head count for Hideaway Pizza if you can make it--roads should be better by noon with sun.

Outline structure--briefly
  • Professional's name, professional's twitter name
  • Who they are, what they do
  • How use twitter, how long used, use other social media?
  • Comments on value of twitter to professional
  • How they've seen it change, what see in the future?
  • Advice on using twitter

Detailed snow days instructions

  • I will let you know by 8 am tomorrow whether we have class on campus or digitally via twitter, based on my evaluation of road conditions
  •  IF no 9:30 am, you will email, as word attachments, your two papers--speaker comparison, and adoption, plus bulleted outline on each speaker, plus screen shot. If you can get screen shot of adoptee on your outline, please do.
  • If no class...I will then post outline and screen shot of each adoptee on the class blog.
  • As soon as that is posted, I'll tweet you that class is in session--everybody will be on twitter at that time.
  • You will be live tweeting the main "takeaway" for you from this pro, and everyone will retweet about each adoptee. Each tweet will have #clarkclass and the adoptee's user name. If room, also @UCO_MCOM
  • When we are finished, you will fill out a class evaluation, posted on this blog. If you can't comment on the blog for some technical reason, you may email it to me. The class evaluation form will be posted by 9:30 tomorrow morning
  • REGARDLESS OF WHETHER WE HAVE CAMPUS CLASS OR TWEETER CLASS--When all is completed, I'll meet whoever can make it at Hideaway in Edmond. Bring your @JustJenny @Hideaway dollars, and I'll buy the balance of pizzas. Beverages are up to you. DM me who can make Hideaway for a count. Time to be determined.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Student debriefing of twitter speakers

Each of these speakers deserves an article, with quotes and photos, but as #clarkclass 7.0 draws to a close in another two days, here are the student debriefings  of this week's speakers. More to come soon.
After every speaker, we go around the room, and each student has to mention a main "takeaway," or something important. I'm impressed with how quickly the hands go up, the competition to get their views in first. Each statement begins with "I like...."
I like these students. 
I'm overwhelmed with comments from students, former students and the speakers. I took a risk forming this class because I saw a need, and was ignorant. I'm still learning.
This is not a typical college class--everyone says so--it breaks rules, it discovers, it pushes the traditional. That's the way college should be. 
The class is a success because of its speakers and my students.The class is NOT about twitter. This is a bare summary of student "takeaways." These are recorded by a class student who wants to be a newspaper reporter:   @TheJessPhillips.

Mike Koehler

  •  Strict no assholes policy
  • Honesty about the industry, future of newspapers
  • You HAVE to know how to write – compare to previous speaker who said no
  • Simplicity of mission statement – makes decisions easy
  • Not afraid to do what’s new first
  • Empower your writers and you will know your readers
  • Transparent about starting Smirk New Media
  • Runs business and attitude – unlimited vacay, etc. motivates employees to do better
  • Soft skills plus business acumen gets jobs
  • Strategy development
  • Take advantage of digital tools
  • Ads will follow you
  • Journalism can’t survive without giving readers what they want
  • Word of mouth and references builds reputation
  • 30 days to develop a strategy
  • Mission statement: “Happy clients, great content and strategy, making money.”
  • Writing is the gas in the tank
  • Work ethic is number one, writing is next
  • Everything will work out: take the risk
  • Value your work. Don’t do something for nothing
  • Writing and transparency
  • What happens when the Millennials grow up?
  • Time is always on Smirk’s side. Knows the trends.
  • Inverted pyramid – writing
  • AP Style
  • Persistence in Smirk. Foresight to invest in social media
  • Journalism lost connection to the public in social media – community matters
  • Conflicting info from speakers – mike likes blogs, Scott said they’re dead. Audience matters
  • Necessary skills: writing, work ethic, shoot and edit video

Jenny Grigsby

  •  Take off the corporate speech, be genuine and be honest
  • Jenny found a job that doesn’t stress her out – found how to manage stress
  • UCO Theater major who self-taught social media
  • Started with no plan, just tried different jobs, took opportunity as it came
  • Text message marketing could be huge
  • How to get your brand out here – engage the community
  • Go back to check on scheduled tweets
  • Arby’s and Wendy’s social media – staying in touch with others
  • 4-6 weeks before clients trust them with total control of accounts
  • Wendy’s handling of interaction with troll
  • Don’t set it and forget it, take off corporate speech
  • Get in the community to be successful
  • Be genuine, Jenny was honest
  • Drink more beer
  • You have to do social media in real time for it to feel real
  • Self-taught in social media
  • Digital Communication term
  • Office is artsy, especially compared to the neighbors
  • Who you know is important
  • Personable social media
Mike Sherman

  •  Forget the technology, be who you are
  • Learn from those who disagree
  • Won’t hire people not on Twitter
  • Decide who you will be when dealing with trolls
  • You’re the same person on social media and in real life
  • Twitter and relationships
  • Establish yourself and build a village
  • Stand out by providing heat or light
  • Be well-read, curious and resource
  • Who you are on Twitter is who you are in real life
  • Be interested in others more than self
  • Pause.
  • All publicity is good publicity?
  • Be who you are
  • Good reader = good writer
  • No conclusion on Twitter, but questions
  • What we really long for is real connection
  • Produce great content to gain a following on twitter
  • Something worth having is worth paying for
  • Good writers must be well-read
  • Those who disagree are the best teachers
  • Twitter is a distribution device
  • Sports connects the community
  • Second with stimulus and response
  • Happier when more interested in others than self
  • Response to trolls depends on who you want to be

Lauren Vargas
  • Importance of books, reading and being educated
  • Vargas continuing in education and developing self
  • Focus too much on content marketing, need to look at analytics
  • People who know what’s happening are often the least visible
  • Social media for activism
  • Vargas is pretty awesome – taking class, teaching, work, personal life…
  • Must share amongst ourselves and admit mistakes
  • Be prepared for what’s next – death of Twitter is coming
  • Tattoos in corporate job
  • Don’t hang your hat on social media
  • It’s okay to have tattoos
  • We’re all just winging it
  • We’re all leaving a permanent, digital footprint
  • Twitter will have a slow, painful death because of management
  • Not active on social media, but making progress and keeping busy in life
  • Those making change are least likely to talk about it
  • Be humble
  • She created her jobs – find what’s not being done and do it
  • Shift in how content is delivered – more advertising
  • Dr. Pepper method – schedule bursts of checking in to social med
  • Adaptation is a key to surviving the industry
  • Design, build and fly the plane at the same time
  • Everybody’s learning
  • She started social media from the ground up

Steve Lackmeyer
  • Break the rules, but explain why you did it
  • The best PR people are in the community
  • It’s about your passion, voice and heart
  • News and PR doesn’t happen in the newsroom
  • “I believe in getting out in the community”
  • don’t be strident, be smart
  • Be weary of what you see on social media, regardless of the source
  • It’s our generation’s job to fix this mess
  • Something you think you know is wrong
  • Easier to ask forgiveness than permission
  • Give more attention to the victim than to the perpetrators
  • To be successful, don’t get too cocky
  • Don’t take risks for the hell of it
  • Don’t believe what you see on social media
  • It’s not about building a portfolio, it’s about relationships
  • If you want something that you’re not getting, pretend you don’t’ want it even if you do
  • Gatekeeper role is gone
  • Being in this class means you’re a little bit touched
  • News is not in the newsroom: it’s on your phone and in the community
  • Keep on creating
  • Don’t take things so seriously that you can’t see the ridiculousness
  • There’s value in knowing your news sources
  • We have a responsible voice, but can’t pretend that things are not happening