Sunday, January 4, 2015

Quotable practical advice from an up-to-date pro

                                                 From @Okieprof, #clarkclass
Colleague Desiree Hill, @dezhill, adviser of our award-winning student broadcast station,  has a ton of professional broadcast journalism experience. I really relate to her because she's such a pro--keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies, while teaching, advising and working on a doctorate. She does all this with a smile. What stands out to me also is that she learns student names and  provides them with so much practical guidance.
Thus her presentation and organization on twitter in broadcast news, based on lots of reading and her own research in the Tulsa area over time, gave my UCO students a perspective to where this media is going.  And she is so quotable. 
Here are student comments from our debriefing after she spoke to the class just before the holidays, recorded by #clarkclass member @alyssaramsey13.
She walked us through twitter step by step and how she applies it to her life step by step
She had the full package. She knew what she was doing and she is very informed.
Liked that she had a presentation for us and took us through twitter throughout the years and what they did before it

  • Make sure you are on top of technology
  • Old media made the mistake of using new media in old ways and it hurt them to be hesitant for the new technology
  • You can be a student of the world, just not in your little box
  • Twitter makes us better writers
  • Be careful as to what you broadcast. It's important to be first but make sure you are right
  • Twitter is saying a lot in a short statement
  • She said that links could make your tweets have more traffic
  • How detrimental a tweet can be
  • Leave a trail of tweets for people to really know who you are and what you are about
  • 19% of internet users are on twitter
  • Don’t restrict yourselves. Step out of the box of your comfort zone. It's important to accept the new things coming out
  • Who, what and were are important in the media. Make sure you include these to make sure people know what’s going in
  • Make sure to have the basic information needed for the readers
  • Twitter is not the place to be snarky online. Be careful what you are saying to people and if they understand your sense of humor
  • There are no longer gate keepers to make sure what you are saying is true, so check all the things you are reading to see if it’s true
  • Be an expert
  • Be on top of everything
  • A weekend is a lifetime for someone in news
  • Journalism is like chasing a greased pig--there is always something new coming out in the media
  • Use as much detail as possible in your tweets

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