Friday, January 6, 2017

Detailed snow days instructions

  • I will let you know by 8 am tomorrow whether we have class on campus or digitally via twitter, based on my evaluation of road conditions
  •  IF no 9:30 am, you will email, as word attachments, your two papers--speaker comparison, and adoption, plus bulleted outline on each speaker, plus screen shot. If you can get screen shot of adoptee on your outline, please do.
  • If no class...I will then post outline and screen shot of each adoptee on the class blog.
  • As soon as that is posted, I'll tweet you that class is in session--everybody will be on twitter at that time.
  • You will be live tweeting the main "takeaway" for you from this pro, and everyone will retweet about each adoptee. Each tweet will have #clarkclass and the adoptee's user name. If room, also @UCO_MCOM
  • When we are finished, you will fill out a class evaluation, posted on this blog. If you can't comment on the blog for some technical reason, you may email it to me. The class evaluation form will be posted by 9:30 tomorrow morning
  • REGARDLESS OF WHETHER WE HAVE CAMPUS CLASS OR TWEETER CLASS--When all is completed, I'll meet whoever can make it at Hideaway in Edmond. Bring your @JustJenny @Hideaway dollars, and I'll buy the balance of pizzas. Beverages are up to you. DM me who can make Hideaway for a count. Time to be determined.

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