Saturday, January 7, 2017

#clarkclass 7.0 evaluation

Comment below if possible, otherwise email. Due by 5 pm Jan. 7

1. What was the strongest part of the course for you and why?
2. What was the weakest part of the class and why?
3. What are your suggestions for improving the class?
4. What is your advice for future victims of #clarkclass?


  1. 1.The strongest part of the course for me was the the speakers because of the wisdom that they shared and to help students get ahead by giving them advice on what they learned in life.
    2. Nothing is really jumping out to me on weaknesses of the class.
    3. I thought that the class was very insightful and I think that the speakers were great so I know that there is always room for improvement but I can't think of anything.
    4. Be ready to be hooked up, its not overly hard but it is intensely fast paced.

  2. 1. The strongest part of the course was the professional advice and new connections I found through our speakers. I've connected with almost all of them on LinkedIn and they've all been so encouraging.
    2. I feel like the ONLY downside to the class is the awkward schedule. I understand this is out of the control of Clark, but it would be really cool to have it in a less condensed class and with less chance of getting snowed out. It could be a great block class, with speakers, field trips and projects, but only if Clark is still allowed to teach it for the students and not under scrutiny or strict guidelines from the department/university.
    3. I can't think of any changes to the class (other than what's listed above) because I think it's working so well and there is a huge reason it is the most liked class at UCO, by both students and speakers. There is so much freedom in the class and it really is about connecting with people and actually learning about the real world.
    4. CONNECT WITH EVERYONE. Do not let these connections go to waste. Don't let Clark Class be the last time to see or talk to these people. They are huge resources, especially heading into graduation, and they are all just really cool, smart individuals. Connect on LinkedIn, make an impact, ask interesting questions. Make yourself stand out and they will notice. Every one of these speakers is more than willing to take you under their wing and help with whatever you need. Just ask!

  3. 1. The strongest part of the course was the variety of professionals we got a chance to hear from. They all varied in many ways, but each story was still impactful.
    2. The weakest part of this class was the duration. In the future I can see this class growing to a regular semester class and not just an intercession.
    3. A way to expand would be including more than just Twitter. You can include the top 5 social media sites, but that's only if the class grows past an intercession.
    4. My advice for future #clarkclass victims would be to appreciate the knowledge that is giving by these professionals. Also to take advantage of any offer they give students (internships, shadowing, interviews, etc).

  4. 1. The strongest part of the course for me was the speakers that were brought in to share their knowledge with us. There was such a wide variety that it really opened my eyes as to how Twitter can impact so many people in so many ways. I always left class feeling inspired to follow my dreams.
    2. The only weakness I see for this class is the scheduling. Students of all majors at UCO rave about this class and I think limiting it to an intersession limits the number of people it can reach on this campus. This isn't just a class for communication majors, but for everyone. I wish it were offered more often throughout the school year.
    3. I think extending from just Twitter to other up and coming social media platforms would be a good idea for this class. It could also make it last longer and possibly be a semester long course. There are so many new ways of reaching people, including all of the live streaming platforms, such as Snapchat and Facebook Live. I think it would be interesting for students to learn not only how to utilize these platforms, but how to use it to the best of their ability within their major. I also liked the idea one of our speakers gave for pushing this class as "the best Twitter class in the nation." Maybe do some research and see how this class differs from other social media platform classes taught in the U.S. and advertise it that way. Let's get #clarkclass trending.
    4. My advice for future victims of #clarkclass would be to network. Write down each speaker and reach out to them. Thank them for spending their time in our classroom sharing their wisdom and stories. Networking can do wonders, and who knows, they may be able to push you in the right direction of your dreams.

  5. 1.) The strongest part of the course for me was the variety of speakers that came in. Each one came from a different field and yet Twitter and social media connected them all. They gave such great advice to us, not only on how to use social media better but also on how to be better individuals.
    2.) Nothing really stands out to me as a weakness. I see others commenting on the scheduling being a weakness. I can concur, but it is what it is. I agree with Ashley when she says that this would make a great block course.
    3.) I think the class could be improved by expanding from mainly focusing on Twitter. There are tons of other platforms on social media. I think it would be beneficial to take a look at those as well.
    4.) My advice for future victims would be to absorb as much information as you can. This is a great class and it WILL change how you do things on social media.

  6. 1. What was the strongest part of the course for you and why? The strongest part of the course to me would have to be the guest speakers. Particularly, Scott Williams, he was very interesting and inspiring. I also loved the '#' because it allows you to see everyone's tweet. I wish I could stay in this class all semester.
    2. What was the weakest part of the class and why? Some of the speakers were not as interesting as others. And I think you should add more questions for the adoptees, so that it can be a two or three page paper. By the way, this question was hard to answer because I loved this class haha.
    3. What are your suggestions for improving the class? Making it a longer class and finding more brilliant people to follow on Twitter even if we do not get to meet them.
    4. What is your advice for future victims of #clarkclass? Find your adoptees on the first or second day of class, do not wait until the last minute. Tweet and follow your classmates, this will allow long time friends or future colleagues. And definitely remember the guest speakers, follow them and ask them the RIGHT questions for success.

  7. 1. Strongest part of the class was all the amazing speakers we were able to interact with.
    2.The weakest part of the class was only the weather outside.
    3.Suggestions for improving the class would be to respond to emails or Twitter DM's more. I was never respond to when I had a couple questions.
    4.Advice for future #clarkclass would be to go in with an open mind. There is so much opportunity in this class. You just have to face it head on.

  8. 1) The strongest part of the course would be the speakers. It was great to hear their advice and take from it. Also, enhancing my Twitter skills and learning how to use the platform professionally.
    2) I don’t see a weak part about the class. I guess since it’s highly requested by everyone and not enough room, there could be a spring intersession course. Shoot, just make the class a whole semester.
    3) Expanding on other social media platforms would be cool. But since it’s called Twitter for Media obviously the main focus is going to be Twitter. Maybe learning more about other tools we can use for twitter (ie: bitly) that would help us in the future.
    4) ASK QUESTIONS: I didn’t ask any lol so I should be taking my own advice, but the students who did ask questions created connections with the speakers. Who knows maybe the connection will be so great you end up with an internship. But it’s always good to ask questions. They are more than happy to give you an answer.

  9. 1. The strongest part of the class would be the inspirational speakers. Being able to listen and learn from some of the people who have such powerful stories. How they incorporated professionalism into their social networks causing them to succeed.
    2. The weakest part of the class would be the fact the class is not a semester long. The class it too short.
    3. What are your suggestions for improving the class? My suggestion for improving the class would be to add other social network platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Etc.
    4. What is your advice for future victims of #clarkclass? Don't rely on one person for your adoption assignment. Always have multiple backups. Bring something to snack on during class.

  10. 1. Strongest part of the course to me was the speakers because nobody wants to hear their professor talk.
    2. Weakest part of the class would be how short the class is. It should definitely be a full semester.
    3. Best way to improve this class would be to make it longer.
    4. For the future victims just be prepared and have fun.

  11. 1. Hands down the strongest part is the speakers. Each one had something unique and interesting to say which really impressed me.
    2. Weakest point is definitely the length of the class which sadly got cut short due to weather.
    3. Best way to improve, find more guests you can Skype in. It was really cool having people from other parts of the country talk to us, and even though it's a technical hassle I think it'd be worth it to have more.
    4. For future victims, be on time and ready to be inspired.

  12. 1. I loved all of the speakers. Each of them had so much wisdom to offer; the variety of professionals was great and offered us a lot of perspectives.
    2. Some of the speakers talked about knowing how the numbers and metrics work into managing social media, so I would have liked to learn more about that. As others have mentioned, time is a factor because we can't really make a social media strategy in an intersession course. If this class does become a full semester or a block course, creating a social media strategy could be really beneficial.
    3. Incorporate live video and developing a strategy. We learned a lot about how to represent ourselves, what employers are looking for and what followers want to see, but we need to know how to build successful social media accounts. What's the best practice for scheduling posts? What tools are available to enhance the social media use? How do professionals create social media campaigns? As social media continues to become more important for businesses, we need to understand how to use social media from a business aspect. This is just one more skill to help our employability.
    4. Jump in and make the most of it. Not really into Twitter? You are now. Make as many connections as you can with classmates, speakers and professionals who the speakers know. Take their advice and join the conversation on social media. You have nothing to lose, but you have so many opportunities to learn.

  13. 1.) The strongest part of this course for me was listening to the speakers who overcame their struggles. This makes me feel confident that no mater what, with hard work, anything is possible.
    2.) The only weakness I could even think of would be that some speakers weren't as prepared as others. Some just "winged" it and it made a difference on their impact.
    3.) A way to improve this class would be to take a deeper look at other social media sites. I know it's called Twitter for media, but other social is still important.
    4.) Be open-minded, come ready to work, and be outgoing-make connections. Use this class to your advantage! I got to go on a tour to VI Marketing and Branding because of this class, that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't reached out to Harold Storey after he spoke to us. Above all, don't be afraid to take risks!!

  14. 1. The strongest part of the course for me was definitely the guest speakers. I learned so much valuable information and was able to network with a lot of different professionals from all types of backgrounds.
    2. The weakest part of the course was probably that we were sabotaged by the snow this winter! Other than that, there were no weak points. I really enjoyed the class.
    3. For improving the class, I think it could be an entire semester long and focus on all aspects of social media. That would be so beneficial.
    4. My advice to future #clarkclass students, take notes!! I've gone through mine several times and keep finding valuable information and motivation that I'll carry with me from now on. Other advice? Bring your laptop, because using TweetDeck will be a lifesaver in this class!

    -Katelyn Brewer

  15. 1. The strongest part of the course for me was the inspirational speakers. I really learned how to view twitter in a different light and learned how to use it as a tool.
    2. Sometimes it was a little confusing, but not bad. It's really fast paced and hard to keep up sometimes.
    3. I can't really think of any. I absolutely loved this class.
    4. Advice: TYPE FAST!

  16. 1. The speakers were definitely the strongest part of the course. They each shared valuable advice and they were incredibly genuine about everything.
    2. Since the class is only offered during these times, maybe offering the class for more than one intersession could benefit a lot more people.
    3. Include a few more SM platforms to explore.
    4. Be present and have fun. It's important to have something to take away from any speaker, even those who work in fields that don't interest you. So listen. Also don't be afraid to ask anyone anything. Each speaker will even give you their phone number, take advantage of opportunities like that. You will build a bigger network in this class. Don't forget that.

  17. 1. What was the strongest part of the course for you and why?
    The strongest part about this course was hearing the stories and advice from local and national professionals. I enjoyed hearing how each of them started and what it took them to get where they are. I felt as though each speaker was very honest about their experiences and that was very refreshing.

    2. What was the weakest part of the class and why?
    The weakest part was just the snow cancellations. I wish we could have heard from more speakers. I would suggest making this a Block I course to extend the amount of speakers and adding additional field trips/experiences.

    3. What are your suggestions for improving the class?
    I would encourage looking at other social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn) along with Twitter, because SM changes rapidly and students would benefit from hearing how each professional uses the different sites in their world. I would also suggest having the class make a SM strategy for their personal brand by making improvements to their sites, networking, figuring out who they want their audience to be, what kind of content to post, etc. This would help for after graduation while they search for jobs.

    I think it would also be fun for the class to go to events in OKC and have them tweet about their experience and the people they met.

    4. What is your advice for future victims of #clarkclass?
    This class is valuable for every type of student. If you're not a pro media or strategic communications major, you will still find this course to be beneficial to you in whatever your career path may be. Listen to the speakers, ask as many questions, and try and connect with them outside of the classroom. You will learn a lot about Twitter and social media, but you will also learn a lot about having grit, taking risks, and the power of being good to people. Welcome to #clarkclass!

  18. The strongest part of the course was most definitely the guest speakers. They're vital and it's what sets the class apart from others.

    The weakest part of the class was simply because we didn't get to attend the last two classes due to the weather. I didn't think there was an actual part of the class that was weak.

    I'm not sure if I can think of anything to change or improve specifically. It might be cool if there could be a field trip somewhere.

    My advice would be to really take advantage of the connections you'll make in this class and also make sure to maintain them after it. Also pay attention and take notes! You'll get some great professional advice and guidance.