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Twitter adoptions, group 2


    •    Penelope Fisher
    •    Twitter: @memphispenelope
    •    Communications Advisor at FedEx
    •    Previous employment:
    •    Social Media Manager at St. Jude ALSAC
    •    Content Strategist at an Advertising Agency
    •    Uses other media sites:
    •    Facebook
    •    Pinterest
    •    Instagram
    •    Snapchat
    •    Youtube
    •    Twitter wants to be everything
    •    Twitter wants to make money
    •    Twitter may evolve into something completely new
    •    Twitter should stick with what it has
    •    Use Twitter responsibly 

Caitlyn Strider
Adoption Outline
Adoptee: Marc Williams
Handle: @networkingman14

    •    Dr. Marc Williams
    •    CEO/Founder Williams Communications – brand management consulting firm
    •    Author - “The Art of Networking”
    •    College motivational speaker
    •    Twitter handle - @networkingman14
    •    Spreading positivity and motivation
    •    Uses it to stay connected to people he’s met through his profession
    •    And to connect to people who are connected to his connections – networking
    •    Access you get to your audience/consumer and people around the world
    •    Connections you get to start and maintain
    •    Selling and promoting
    •    Feedback
    •    Will continue to adapt
    •    Expanding video capability
    •    Live video
    •    More in the visual direction
    •    If you don’t want your parents to read it, don’t post it
    •    Pay attention to your LIKES
    •    Ignore trolls OR appropriately discredit or correct


Ann Chen @Annj_chen 1/6/2017
  • ❏  What is your occupation? Senior Marketing Officer at Citizens Bank of Edmond.
  • ❏  How or why do you use Twitter? I use Twitter to develop a professional and personal profile.
  • ❏  How long have you been using Twitter? I’ve been using it since October, 2009.
  • ❏  Do you use any other social medias, personal or business affiliated? I pretty much have tried any and all channels at some point, but I predominantly use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat. Some for personal, but mostly for professional because nowadays nothing is really “personal” anymore. Employers and potential employers can view everything.
  • ❏  Your comments on the value of Twitter being used professionally?Twitter is an amazing tool for developing yourself as a professional. It has been the defining channel for my career and is the reason why I came out to Oklahoma. I was the Director of Social Media at a banking trade association in DC where I met Jill Castilla. It is a way to follow interesting people and be able to “reach” celebrities and influencers.
  • ❏  Have you seen Twitter change since you have been using it? Twitter has added many functionalities and all social media channels are changing rapidly to keep up with each other. However, the core of what makes Twitter unique has been kept the same and if that continues, it will remain successful.
  • ❏  Do's and Dont's on Twitter? Be yourself. Use a memorable but professional Twitter handle, create an SEO-based bio, please use a recognizable photo preferably a professional one. Do have something to offer in terms of content: create a reason for people to follow you. Don’t be overly negative or critical. I would also stay away from political comments unless it has something directly to do with your profession. Don’t wait more than 24 hours to respond to something, it’s Twitter after all.

Andonis Bagby
Mika Aariana: @Mikaariana
    •    Who are they and what do they do?
    •    Mika Arianna is  a 21 year old from Miami, Florida.  She is a realtor by day and DJ by night.
    •    How do they use twitter, how long, any other social media?
    •    Mika mainly uses twitter to talk about music, put people onto music, and to be put on to music.
    •    She has been using Twitter since 2011.
    •    The only other social media she is active on is Soundcloud
    •    Value of twitter to a professional?
    •    “Extremely important!!!”
    •    How have you seen it change and what do you see as it’s future?
    •    “I have no idea.”
    •    Advice on using twitter?
    •    “Be marketable with your tweets without jeopardizing your personality. People can tell if you are faking or trying to put on a facade.”


Who they are, what they do?
I chose Erick Worrell to adopt as my professional in the Twitter world. He is the Vice President and Director of Account Service at Staplegun.
How use twitter, how long used, use other social media?
First tweet was on June 18, 2009
Didn't really use it properly until he started at Staplegun in 2012
Their comments on value of twitter to professional
You get out of Twitter what you put into Twitter. You can use it - as I do - for random, disposable, mildly entertaining microblogging, which I think is the original intent of it; or, you can use it to engage with people - positively, critically, intimately, whatever suits you.
How they've seen it change, what see in the future?
Not even Twitter knows what Twitter wants to be in the coming years. I'm a big believer that things swing back and forth, like a pendulum.
Their advice on using twitter
The short version: Don't give anyone a reason to discriminate against you, rule you out, cast doubt on you or question your integrity. Especially when you need a job or are just getting settled at one.


Rob Crissinger

Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Hideaway Pizza.
Helped found three PR firms in OKC, now lives in Tulsa.
Loves pizza and craft beer.

• Uses Twitter… to find news, information and local buzz. More of a listener than a talker on social media. Using it currently to find connections in common as he meets people in Tulsa.

• Started his Twitter… in 2007, during what he calls the “golden era” of Twitter in OKC (07-09)

• On Twitter for professionals… “It is a huge advantage for anyone to advance in any field, but even more so for those with careers that focus on human social interaction and motivation, like PR and advertising.” 

• Twitter gave him an even playing field with a glimpse into the lives of “interesting, imperfect and awesome” people that he otherwise would not have been able to meet.

• Twitter has changed… because “it is way more populated than it used to be, and a little less intimate on average, but more powerful than ever in times of crisis.”

• Advice on using Twitter… “remember that Twitter and all other social media platforms are tools, and tools are meant to work for you, not consume or lead you.”  

•Advice for graduating seniors… “That’s how you advance, not because you’re better than anyone else, but because you care more… It’s not the easy path, the easy path is selfish, safe and secluded. Stars risk the fire to burn as bright as they can. Be a star.”

Christopher Sommer

    •    Who are you and what do you do?
    •    “I’m a human.” Son, brother, and husband who loves his golden retriever.
    •    Works for VI Marketing and Branding as a Social Media Strategist.
    •    Been there for 3 years.
    •    Previously worked as the PIO/spokesperson for American Red Cross.
    •    How long have you used Twitter or other social media?
    •    “Several years, first to just get connected with OKC community.”
    •    Utilized to give the Red Cross a voice.
    •    Also, has a Snapchat, IG, LinkedIn and Fb.
    •    What social media outlet works best?
    •    “Depends on what your goals and needed strategy/tactics are, so hire me and I’ll be happy to help you answer this question over coffee and the exchange of money to help feed my dog, the cutest golden retriever of all time.”
    •    Why is Twitter valuable to a professional?
    •    For making connections in the communication field.
    •    “If you’re a news person, you have to be on it.”
    •    How have you seen it change?
    •    Changed from being an obscure platform and now is at the forefront in our lives.
    •    Future predictions for Twitter?
    •    He thinks that if Twitter keeps messing with the algorithm then they will mess up “live tweets”, then Twitter will lose its purpose.
    •    Advice about Twitter?
    •    Be yourself.
    •    Read more than you Tweet.
    •    Engage with others.
    •    Never do a lame mass follow and unfollow.


Twitter Pro: Devin Miski

In charge of: @GalaxySwimTeam

    •    Co-Founder and Co-Social Media Manager for Galaxy Swim Team
    •    Galaxy Swim Team is an independent electronic music label
    •    Label founded in 2014
    •    Label’s line-up consists of people Miski and his associates know in person and from the internet
    •    Posts daily about recent label releases
    •    Also makes humorous posts
    •    No formal rules on what gets posted on the Galaxy Swim Team account
    •    Currently only has a small following
    •    Thinks Twitter is more important than he’d like to admit
    •    Responds to almost all feedback, most of which is positive
    •    Number one piece of advice is “think before you tweet a hot take”

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