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Twitter "adoptions" group 3


•    @BemaValentine & @OKCMOA
    •    Marketing and Communications for OKC Museum of Art & part-time journalists for local magazines.
    •    Journalism Broadcasting degree and theater minor.
    •    Uses for Twitter professionally: promote events/films, special programs, and exhibitions.
    •    Uses for Twitter personally: tweet articles written, communication, funny things.
    •    Used Twitter personally since 2009, & used it for Museum since 2014.
    •    Other social media: Instagram, Hyperlapse, Retype, Boomerang, Snapchat and Facebook.
    •    Comments: “The value of Twitter seems to be slowly decreasing as more visual apps such as Snapchat and Instagram have captivated younger audiences. However, there is a niche audience on Twitter when it comes to local issues, prominent members in the civic, artistic, journalism and entertainment industry that organizations should engage with as much as is applicable for business/org.
    •    Changes in Twitter: “Twitter lies in the hands of the media who disperse stories and breaking events online in a quick way. Without journalists and certain niche industries dispersing information on Twitter, I think it’s existence is up in the air.”
    •    Advice: “For Twitter, messaging has to be short and to the point, since you only have 140 characters. Your call to action should be obvious, sharp, catchy and in some cases, witty.
    •    “Also, be careful with who you engage with because sometimes responding to something you think is necessary actually isn’t. Arguments with Twitter trolls are never productive for any organization or personal account holder.”

Sarah Johnston
    •    Sarah Johnston is the social media specialist for Integris Medical Group
    •    She provides content to all of Integris’ social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
    •    Monitors conversations to see what people are saying, and supplies new content on social media platforms daily
    •    Responds to 99% of comments and posts
    •    Whether the comments are negative or positive she responds in a specific manner (HIPAA friendly)
    •    Keeps in mind that patient privacy laws are front and center, and that they are not to be crossed
    •    Uses Twitter as a business to consumer lane. Sees what people are talking about in the medical field
    •    Having a personal social media account has helped her professionally because she already knew the how to maneuver through the different outlets within the social media platform
    •    Twitter is a valuable tool to reach out to your target audience and create a social media presence.
    •    If you want to create a Twitter presence “you have to fish where the fish are” (focus on what audience you are targeting your content towards)
    •    Twitter gives people an instant voice. It’s right at our fingertips, and you have 140 characters to work with.
    •    In terms of posting content on personal or professional Twitter platforms she told me that it doesn’t matter if you’re a social media strategist for a company or not, you are still a voice for that brand or company on Twitter, so watch what you say.
    •    When I’m retweeting an article or posting an article, I make sure I read it fully, and that it is coming from a viable source.

Annie Tucker

    •    Annie Tucker.  @_Annietucker_ , @FuzzysEdmond, @Seven47Norman, @TdelphBricktown (all social media sites she runs)
    •    Annie is a marketing coordinator at The Social Order Dining Collective. They are a local restaurant group, owning all 5 metro Fuzzy’s Taco Shops, Texadelphia Social Grill, Seven47 and coming soon, The Jones Assembly.
    •    She uses twitter everyday for every individual account she runs. She shares content to guests, shares instagram pictures, shares info about any specials or events, or shares info about closing dates. She uses other social media platforms for the restaurant’s she is in charge of such as, facebook.
    •    She believes that twitter has a much more professional usage. It gets news information out quicker. She has to make sure that her restaurants have a presence on social media to stay up with competitors.
    •    She was an early adapter to twitter. She used to prefer twitter to facebook. She used it to communicate with friends, post pictures etc.  She now feels like there are very few left standing with twitter. She believes there has been a major switch from “social” platform to “media” platform. It has gone from something fun to do with friends to a more business/news outlet.
    •    Her advice on using twitter is, “Be brief, post often and don’t be too opinionated.”


Sheri Guyse, @MyJRNY, @BigBravely

    •    Journalism major from UCO
    •    Began her career in Public Relations
    •    Worked for a non-profit, government agency, OKC Chamber of Commerce
    •    Became the Communications Director for A Good Egg Dining Group
    •    Was the first person in Oklahoma to have a social media job in restaurant industry.
    •    Left PR, now owns her own life coaching business, Big Bravely

Twitter History
    •    Joined in 2008, early adopter
    •    Enjoys twitter for the connections and for humor
    •    Likes Instagram and “uses the heck out of Facebook”
    •    FB is most valuable for her business with better capabilities and more traffic
    •    She rarely has business leads from Twitter

Value of Twitter
    •    Twitter is incredibly useful for, “creating connections and building relationships”
    •    Twitter is more instant than FB. See things live.
    •    “If you see two people chatting that you want to talk to, you can instantly engage with them knowing they will reply quickly,”

Changes & Predictions
    •    Changes: new stream, push notifications, change in the “like” icon from star to heart
    •    Predictions: Twitter will not die. Hopes it adds more capabilities beneficial to business

    •    Be cautious what you post.
    •    “Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in front of your mom. I’d say your grandma, but your mom’s a little more lenient.”
    •    “Just because it’s digital doesn’t mean its not real”
    •    “Be authentic. People can always smell douche bag from a mile away.”


Michelle Park
@michellepark92 and @ipsycare

      •    Graduated from New York University with a degree in Media, Culture, and Communication.
    •    Started working with ipsy in November of 2014.
    •    Twitter is important because you can engage with more people in just 140 characters.
    •    Larger audience. Less words, bigger impact.
    •    Twitter allows professionals to push content, which users can then interact with by replying, retweeting, or liking.
    •    She uses the ipsy account to reach out to customers who need support and replies to their questions and concerns.
    •    Twitter stands out from other social media platforms because you must capture attention with interesting, concise, and well-written words, not just images.
    •    On her personal account, she has just started promoting her fitness life and focuses on reaching out to other bloggers and fitness brands to network and create connections.
    •    The future of Twitter is news.
    •    Advice for using Twitter:
    •    Find your niche. Interact with others who have that same passion.
    •    Search a hashtag and be instantly introduced to hundreds of users with the same interests as you.
    •    Engage with others in a positive way, and you will branch out and reach bigger audiences.


    •    Kenna Griffin, @ProfKRG
    •    Direct of Student Publications and Assistant Professor of Mass Communication at Oklahoma City University
    •    She has used Twitter since March 2009
    •    Primary use is to share information, network and learn
    •    Also uses her account to promote her blog and host “Editor Therapy” weekly
    •    Has accounts on other social media, but Twitter is her favorite
    •    Said Twitter is critical for professionals and provides networking opportunities everywhere
    •    She said she sees less conversation and more one-sided communication; expects live video to become more prominent in the future
    •    Converse!


Laace West @lancewest
    ⁃    Who He Is
    ⁃    Lance West is the 4, 5, and 6:30 evening anchor for KFOR.
    ⁃    He also reports regularly, contributes to web content, and posts daily to multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
    ⁃    About His Twitter
    ⁃    He began his account in 2013 but it became verified by Twitter in 2013.
    ⁃    Currently has about 13,000 followers.
    ⁃    Professional Use of Twitter
    ⁃    Twitter has become a critical part of broadcast news.
    ⁃    Post approximately 15 times a day with breaking news, teasing stories, and giving viewers glimpses into his life.
    ⁃    “If users feel like you’re genuine and transparent, it’s an opportunity to earn loyalty and build an audience.”
    ⁃    How Twitter Has Changed
    ⁃    Believes twitter will continue to evolve.
    ⁃    It has become a primary news source for the younger audiences who don’t sit in front of a tv for 30 minutes to watch traditional news.
    ⁃    “Social media is a critical component to our daily story telling duties.”
    ⁃    Advice for Soon-To-Be Graduates
    ⁃    “Don't be stupid. What you post can (and generally will) come back to haunt you.”
    ⁃    “Use the KISS method. Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. “

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