Friday, January 6, 2017

Twitter class meeting tomorrow

Updated instructions, what's required (Read Carefully) :
Begin emailing me your material as soon as you have it ready. Deadline 9:30 tomorrow.
Two emails due:
1. Email speaker comparison paper, 3 pages, as word attachment. Subject line reads "Comparison paper." (There is no outline for this paper.)
2. Adoption presentation email--subject line reads "Adoption," as attachments:
  • 2 page paper (summary of what you would have told class)--this is for me
  • 1 page  outline  of main points(that is what you would have passed out to each class member--outline structure at bottom of this post)
  • Screen shot of adoptee's home user page (If possible, attach at top of outline page--if not, separately)
 Twitterclass instructions:
  1. I will post your outline and adoptee's home user page on the blog. When I get this done, I will notify you  on twitter, then we will all get on twitter to have class. (Check twitter #clarkclass and blog by about 10 am  to see when we do this.)
  2. As we look at each of the adoptees, you will be asked to tweet one main point about your adoption. I expect each of you to retweet at least three of your class members tweets so the adoptees see their coverage. All tweets, retweets to include #clarkclass, @adopee's user name, and @UCO_MCOM (if room)

With 27 of you, I think this should take no more than 1.5 hours.

There will be a class evaluation form posted on the blog by 8 am tomorrow morning. I expect you to try to comment on the blog thoughtfully to each of the few questions. If for some tech reason you can't respond on the blog, you will email me.


And that will do it--you've been a good class, impressed the speakers and me, added to the lore of #clarkclass.

Will need a head count for Hideaway Pizza if you can make it--roads should be better by noon with sun.

Outline structure--briefly
  • Professional's name, professional's twitter name
  • Who they are, what they do
  • How use twitter, how long used, use other social media?
  • Comments on value of twitter to professional
  • How they've seen it change, what see in the future?
  • Advice on using twitter

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