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Twitter "adoptions"--group 1


Professionals and How They Use Twitter

    •    Introduction
    •    I met Shelby Hays (Bridges) in Velma, Oklahoma. We both grew up in the small town, but she is over six years older to me.
    •    She’s an inspiration because of how hard she pursued her dreams.

    •    Who she is and what she does
    •    Her name is Shelby Hays and she is a meteorologist at KOCO (channel 5)

    •    How she uses twitter, how long used & does she use other social media
    •    She’s been on twitter for 6-7 years, but 2011 is when she created her professional twitter
    •    She uses Twitter to push breaking weather information
    •    She is also on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat

    •    Her comments on value of twitter to professional
    •    “Twitter gives viewers real-time information instead of filtered information like Facebook.”
    •    A disadvantage is that there are fewer interactions on Twitter verses Facebook

    •    How she’s seen it change, what she sees in the future?
    •    Using it for personal use verse switching to a professional usage
    •    She doesn’t Twitter growing a lot, because the younger generation is more focused on Instagram and Snapchat

    •    Her advice on using twitter
    •    “My advice on using twitter is to find your niche. Use hash tags to get your posts shown to the right people and to post regularly… it’s easy to be forgotten if you aren’t posting.”

    •    Conclusion
    •    She has over 9,000 followers
    •    She is Twitter verified
    •    She has a business on the side
    •    She is AMS certified (American Meteorology Society)
    •    She is a great person to follow in life and on social media

: Kimberly Querry-Thompson
Occupation: Web Content Producer at KFOR
How do you use Twitter?
    •    As a source of information
How long have you used Twitter?

    •    Seven to eight years.

Do you use other forms of social media for your job?

    •    Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram

What’s the value of Twitter to you?

    •    Breaking/developing stories

How have you seen Twitter change?

    •    They don’t take characters away when you put media on Twitter.

What do you see for Twitter in the future?

    •    I don’t see it expanding as much.

How does Twitter help you with your job?
    •    Able to get breaking news out quickly.
What do you use more, Twitter or Facebook?
    •    Uses Facebook more but all stories go on Twitter as well.
What is your advice for using Twitter?

    •    You have to be careful what you post.

    •    Always use pictures with media because that is what is going to get you the most attention.
    •    Try and stick with a specific hashtag where people will start associating your content with that.
    •    If you are using it as a web producer, you always push a link out because they want you to go to their website for their information Whereas reporters are just putting information out there.

“It is a great tool if you use it.” (Kimberly Querry-Thompson)


Julie Porter Scott (@YelpOKC)
Yelp OKC Community Manager

    •    5 years working for Yelp
    •    Says her job before Yelp to better prepare her for what she does now
    •    Previously a location scout for Oklahoma so she knew many interesting places around OKC
    •    Runs Yelp social media for OKC branch
    •    Creates VIP Yelp Elite events
    •    Active Twitter user since Nov 2011
    •     Says having a personal Twitter is important
    •    Says that Professional Twitter is great to promote and encourage your fellow Twitter friends in your circle.
    •    Says not to censor too much on your Twitter.
    •    Thinks that Twitter is the most influential of the social media sites.
    •    Thinks that Twitter is changing so fast that Twitter doesn’t even know it’s changing.
    •    Balances Yelp Twitter well to maintain Yelps fun personality
    •    Is active on Yelp to promote Yelps brand
    •    Very passionate about her job and helping others out in the community
    •    Very good with communication and being a friendly role model.


Kelly Anne Collins (@itskac)
    •    Kelly Ann Collins is the founder of Vult Lab (@vultlab) and the co-founder of Kitter (@gokittr).
    •    Vult Lab is a Lab offers social media services and consultancy to help
companies, brands, and people with social media account management and integrated social media campaigns.
    •    Kittr is a social media management tool that provides subscribers with:
    •    Optimal post times
    •    Content suggestions
    •    A marketing calendar
    •    Effective hash tags
In order to reach a wider audience more effectively.
    •    This is done by putting your time zone into the Kittr system for an analysis that sets up a queue to generate these tweets and send them out at high traffic times.

    •    Collins has been using twitter both personally and professionally since the March of 2009. Over the past seven years, she has seen it evolve.
    •    “It's great for news (breaking news), staying on top of trends and exploring others' thoughts,” Collins said.
    •    She uses it professionally in order to:
    •    Expand her reach
    •    Engage with her target market
    •    And promote her companies
    •    She also uses, Facebook, Linkdin and Instagram as social media platforms for her companies.
    •    Collins also had some do’s and do nots for using Twitter as well.
    •    Do not talk about yourself too much.
    •    Be authentic and social. DO NOT USE AUTOMATIC SOUNDING DM’S.
    •    Find a good social media tutorial and learn more. 

Christy Duane
6 January 2017

    •    Gazette Advertising Director and overseer of social media.
    •    Uses Twitter occasionally but generally oversees about 5 employees who are in charge of all social media platforms for the Gazette.
    •    The Gazette uses Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube for advertising, giveaways, to upload content and to open discussion up within the community.
    •    Twitter will be replaced by whatever newer and better social media platform is invented.
    •    Ms. Duane is concerned with the misinformation that occurs frequently within the social media universe and hopes that in the future more people will check their sources before posting and reposting.
    •    She also maintains the hope that social media will allow journalists to elevate their journalistic integrity when posting on social media.
    •    The fact that Twitter and other social media reaches so many people globally is frightening when there are so many users who are citizen journalists and are posting false information.

Jill Jennings
Chris Freihofer C.S.A.

    •    Founder and Director of Freihofer Casting
    •    Only certified Casting Director in OK
    •    Uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since the beginning
    •    Posts casting calls to Twitter and Facebook
    •    Finds Twitter to not be helpful to actors
    •    Found Facebook to be more beneficial for business but has started to notice problems

Influencer Outline – Clark Class – Katelyn Brewer – 7 January 2017



Nicole Smartt leaped into her career just out of high school, working as a receptionist at a local staffing firm. Nicole's determination, drive, and commitment allowed her the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder and into a position as a leader and owner. Today, Nicole runs what Inc. Magazine calls "one of the fastest-growing companies in America." Nicole has been featured on platforms such as Forbes, The Washington Post, AOL Jobs, Fox Business, The Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur. She is also a business columnist for her local paper and radio host of Career Conversations on KSRO. In addition to this, she is also a best-selling author for her book “From Receptionist to Boss.”


    •    Self-promotion. Smartt attributes the success of her best-selling book to the use of social media.
    •    Connecting with others within the business entrepreneur niche.


“Twitter is a great place for arising entrepreneurs to have access to mentors like never before.”


    •    We live in an ever-changing society that moves from one thing to the next. Although Smartt is not sure about the future of our favorite social media platform, she does speculate that social media trends are moving more towards live-streaming and more image based content.
    •    Instagram Stories have become a great way for her to connect with her followers and build trust with them, as they can watch her videos on Instagram much like Snapchat.


    •    Share others content more than your own. No one wants to follow someone who only promotes themselves.
    •    Sharing relevant and reliable content from those in your niche is a great way to become an expert in your field and build relationships.
    •    Smartt is also a huge advocate for sharing positivity on social media.


    •    Follow those within your niche, share other’s content more than your own, and always keep it positive.


Precious Timmons
Brooke Pryor
 Sports Journalist for NewsOK
OU football reporter for The Oklahoman
North Carolina Native
 Graduate of the University of North Carolina with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication
Surrounded by sports her entire life
Active Twitter user since September 2010
Previously worked for the North State Journal – Covering a large variety of sports in North Carolina
Previous editor of the Carolina Blue magazine
 Account got verified in October 2016
Suggest that Twitter is used responsibly
Urges before tweeting anything to make sure you’re ok with it representing you in the future
Thinks Twitter will be replaced in the future by something bigger – similar to Myspace
A writer that advocates trying new stuff


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