Monday, January 4, 2016

Vibrant influence in media and community

Jill Castilla is the vibrant president and CEO of Citizens Bank in Edmond, this year named one of the top three community bankers in the country. 
 She spoke to my Twitter for Media class in late December, opening --perhaps boggling--  our minds to the changing and growing influence of twitter in business. 
Jill Castilla engaged the class every minute.

She readily agreed to speak to the twitter class, and enthralled students for an hour and a half with her comments, conversation, stories and advice. 
 Returning to Edmond in 2009, she became an immediate force in the community, and has become a model for using "social" media in business. Castilla received the Woman of the Year award by the Edmond Chamber of Commerce and was named by Independent Community Bankers Association as a top social media influencer.
She's used twitter to help the bank actively become involved in Edmond, saying it helps her learn about the audience, engage in the customer base and community.

@JillCastilla introduced by @okieprof
Best example is how she and the bank are the sponsors of the wildly successful food truck-music event, "Heard on Hurd," promoted by social media.
And as with many of our speakers, much of her advice had to do with far more than just social media, but life success. 
Called an important role model by other faculty in our department, her influence was palpable among the female majority (22 students, six men) in the class. She says only two percent of the country's banks are led by women, and she is determined not to "look" like a banker. Most of these students will graduate in May, so they got valuable advice into their futures.
It's significant to me that this laid back class coined a hashtag for her and the class, #chillwithjill.
Hint, you can get a lot of these comments on twitter by hitting #clarkclass.
(All of this should have been posted much earlier. The fault all belongs to @okieprof. Sorry.)
Here are some of her comments, with the help of @cassjack12:
  • You have permission to be different
  • Twitter is a way to engage your customer base and community
  • Own who you are
  • Social media rewards that--when you are transparent you can connect
  • It helps you be accessible and grounded
  • "Your ego is not your amigo."
  • Think about the greater good
  • "A lot of social media is just listening."
  • It helps you know what is needed in your community
  • It's all about listening to the community.
  • "Put the fertilizer in, plant the seed, make sure there's water and see how it grows"--Heard on Hurd
  • Don't over plan, let it happen
  • It's not about Citizens--more about fostering community events, helping revitalize downtown Edmond.
  • Be an advocate and a catalyst for making something better.
  • "If you do good, you'll do well."
  • Social media allows faster growth
  • GAP--be absolutely Genuine, Authentic, Positive.
  • Follow the light, blog negativity 
  • Be humble and accessible
  • If you are just saying things on social media for yourself, don't say it
  • Make sure others benefit
  • You have greater authenticity when people are talking about you on social media rather than you promoting yourself
  • "Elevate where you're at."
  • If you take a general interest in others, rewards will be there.
  • Millennials want to be in a social cause, they're inclined to make a difference.
  • "Community banking is compassionate capitalism"
  •  Want to use social media, don't think of it as a necessary evil.
Student debriefing comments
  • It's not always about money, do what you enjoy 
  • know when to say no to ensure the authenticity of what you do 
  •  it's all about listening to the community
  • whether they need help or just want to communicate/learn 
  • be consistent in what you say and what you do
  • keep your ego out of it
  • build community through small businesses
  • don’t complain all the time 
  • elevate the people around you and what you do
  • keep your faith, keep goingbe inspiring, uplifting
  • embrace and show difference
  • use favorites more than retweets
  • if people aren’t responding think about what you’re retweeting
  • if people aren’t buying your newspaper, rethink what you’re writing


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