Monday, January 4, 2016

Cool, collected, coloring outside the lines and twitter

Rob Crissinger brings coolness and passion for Public Relations to the twitter class, time after time, infecting students with his intimate involvement in rapidly changing Oklahoma City culture. I learn something every time he speaks, and I somehow think he does too.
Rob's another UCO alum, a former student who likes to tell the class I once gave him an "F" on an assignment. That's indicative of his independence and off-the-wall view, because he just wouldn't color inside the lines. He's found the perfect fit, working with the edgy boutique Bumbershoot PR and owner Tracey Zeeck.
@rcrissinger in #clarkclass
In my opinion they are perhaps the most enlightened company in OKC...they don't have meetings. Can you imagine how much money that would save, just at UCO?
His impact on the class is always immediate, because he's talking about all the activity that is changing OKC. Students coined a hashtag for him, #RobMob, as an indication. One student--most are graduating seniors, tweeted "Is it too late to change my major?"
This time though, he even brought a simplified powerpoint for his main points, saying he had to "up his game," following Jill Castilla of @CitizensEdmond.
Our students make us look good
I am so impressed and charged with the professionalism and energy of the speakers in the class--it has become my favorite. 
He's also the one that sent us 50 names you should be following in OKC, posted earlier in December on this blog, Who to follow.
 Another repeat hint: You can see much of what the class tweets during the presentation by hitting #clarkclass. 
(Again, all of this should have been posted much earlier. The fault all belongs to @okieprof. Sorry.)
So here are some of his comments, student tweets and debriefing, and power point points, with the help of @cassjack12.

  • Social media is an extra fuel that was needed in PR
  • "We work hard and try to look like we aren't working hard." 
  • Successful places in OKC are successful because they are engaging
  • Social media is the feedback loop 
  • We work hard without looking like we’re working hard
  • Be authentic
  • Put community first--unique about OKC
  • The new OKC thinks of the community before they think of themselves  
  • Learn to like social media
  • Everyone is trying to fit in while standing out--can't do both at the same time 
  • Know how and who to connect
  • Have purposeful conversations-meetings aren’t always necessary
  • Find what you want to do, that represents you – not just going out to get a job
  • Show interest in people

  • Listen more than you speak, but you have to speak or people will forget that you’re there --a  balancing act
  • being an introvert helps listening 
  • I wouldn't be as successful as I am without social media."
  • "News Releases are Magic if done right."
  • "Some people say that social media is PR, but social media was just the missing link."
  • When your college is associated with @oakandore, you know you're going to the best college.
  • we are talking about bacon bourbons, good food, local OK, being authentic,
  • "Don't be a douche bag."  
  • All #OKC successes have a community first mindset" -
  • Be yourself, be authentic, and listen more than you speak.
  • "The number one rule of social media is being authentic." 

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