Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A dynamo in media and more with a national reputation

Here's what Huffington Post says about Jessica Miller- Merrill, who spoke to #clarkclass Monday: "Jessica Miller-Merrell is a technologist who focuses her efforts in human resources, healthcare and the workplace. She's been recognized by Forbes as a top 50 social media power user and is the founder of a leading HR and business blog. "
I met this dynamo a few years ago at a blog happy hour and she's graciously spoken to my classes ever since.
This is a woman who lost a job, and became a master of all kinds of digital technology to make a living and a national reputation. 
Her book, "Tweet This--Twitter for Business," became my guide for starting this class.
Blogging4Jobs' twitter page
She now operates five blogs, uses twitter, speaks at conferences, and does much more. We were pleased to have her first grade daughter Riley in class with her this time.
Her team is about 25 freelancers around the world, and her blog editor lives in Canada. She's produced more than 8,000 blog posts.
Here are some of her comments, advice on the social media world, and student debriefing notes, with the help of @cassjack12 
  • "The fastest way to make an impact or make a name for yourself is do something different"
  • If you do everything like everybody else, you're never going to be interesting or unusual.
  • "HR people are closet awesome and throw the craziest parties I've been to"
  • Twitter is about research and relationships"
  • "Focus your time when you're on Twitter" -
  • She is truly an "out of the box" thinker. Talk about creative...very impressive!
  • twitter is for breaking news"
  • Look at your competition!!
  • "Push the boundaries and get attention, yet stay professional."
  •  Push the boundaries, you'll get noticed
  • "Everybody's doing it, you have to figure out a way to do it different"
  • "I don't crush peoples dreams...but I scare the hell out of them.
  • you need to find a need and you need to find a purpose
  • Twitter is the third largest global search engine
  • Fake it till you make it--press release writing
  • It's not about the number of followers--1,500 is enough to be noticed 
  • Never stop learning, even when you have a job
  • Reuse your material, putting it in many places
  • Find niche communities
  • Advice--read
  • Twitter for networking--met French entrepreneur on twitter
  • Make a disruption- don’t be afraid to make a big noise


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