Friday, January 8, 2016

From theater to self-employed social media 'wrangler'

#clarkclass, with @EnergyFC gifts from @justjennyg of @refreshcreative
Jenny Grigsby, a 2004 UCO theater graduate, is now a self-employed social media "wrangler,"  manager and consultant for several  Oklahoma City companies. 
@JustJennyG in #clarkclass
After working in PR for the state fair, and teaching herself about digital media, she gradually did consulting until she got enough clients to go full time a little over a year ago. Now her husband has joined her in the business, @refreshcreative.
It's interesting to me that almost all the speakers in this class have been referrals by others, as Jenny was mentioned by @rcrissinger.
 Speaking to #clarkclass, she brought gifts, her sense of humor--"I’m still employee of the month, but he’s been runner up several times” and a wide range of knowledge about Oklahoma City and twitter.
While she has two laptops at home, most of her work is done on the phone, or in person dealing with clients most of our students have heard of. 
Here are some of  them, and she introduced them by saying, "I am...":  @EnergyFC, @HideawayPizza, @Oak&Ore, @RJSupperClub,
@Ludivine, @TowerTheatre, @H&8thNightMarket, plus
consulting with dental offices,  retail companies and a plastic surgeon.

It all started when having lunch with someone who asked her to help with their social media.
"Always go to lunch with people, "she quips. "Keep your options open."
Here are some of her comments, and student debriefing notes, with the help of @cassjack12:

  • Learning the basics is invaluable
  • Look at different brands for ideas
  • Take screenshots and save them so you have ideas to pull from
  • "Social media is basically me sitting on my couch giggling"
  • “Social media is way to share moments--whether it is your child’s first steps or a block at a soccer game
  • Most challenging thing: managing expectations - trying to be available as much as possible and communicating when you might be busy
  • Recognize moments and what people talk about 
Student debriefing notes
  •  Twitter is like the ears and mouth of the company  
  • Very candid, open with reality of what she does and how she feels about it 
  • Having skills that people wouldn’t expect 
  • Uses screenshots as idea archive file 
  • Facebook more for family and close friends and twitter is for networking and for close colleagues 
  • Knowledgeable about each client … “I am EnergyFC, Hideaway, etc”  
  • Be engaged to get engagement, making friendships 
  • Speakers have ended up on different paths than they expected they would be- open to change and progress 
  • Works from home-working from car 
  • “Babystep it” – start with small steps that will lead to something bigger
  • Always promotes clients while speaking 
  • Knowing when you have enough clients, don’t look at it as more people, more money


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