Friday, May 6, 2016

Day 1 agenda

Day One--#clarkclass

Tweet day 1
Roll--student fact sheet
Smart phone
What is your goal
u tube videos
set up
speakers--look up, notes, tweet during and after
Tomorrow is Jill Castilla and Ann Chen--who are they?
Wednesday--Dez Hill
Thursday--Mike Sherman
Friday--Rob Crissinger
Monday May 16--Dave Rhea, Lauren Vargas
Tuesday May 17--Mike Koehler
Wednesday--Jessica Miller-Merrill
Thursday--Jenny Grigsby
Friday--Adrienne Nobles, Phillip Dunford


  1. Momma read it
  2. Grammar, spelling counts
  3. Check #clarkclass and blog every day
  4. Make deadline or lose points
  5. #clarkclass every tweet you make
  6. Deadline assignments--0 points if not met
  7. You must take notes
  8. Be here on time, or lose 5 points off grade 
  • Hints for set up—short and simple, use name some or nickname
  • Assignments on hashtag
  • Up to date:
  • play--find pros
  • find category, add

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