Thursday, May 12, 2016

Twitter views on changing media from a news junkie

@dezhill and #clarkclass
Broadcasting professor  Desiree Hill @dezhill is a news junkie, one of the most forward-looking, up-to-date professionals and teachers at UCO. 
Her presentation to #clarkclass  centered on how broadcast media are using, should use and should not use social media, specifically twitter, in journalism, based on her research with specific stations in Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma. 
A highlight for me was her perspective on media in the past, changing technology and the way all media have used it historically and are now was critical to my students' understanding. 
"Don't use new media in old ways"
Established media tend to use new media in old ways, being slow to adapt, rather than taking advantage of new opportunities. It'll be up to our students to help invent how the next changes are best utilized.
For more reaction and tweets of her day here, search #clarkclass in twitter. Here are her some of her comments, and class comments, recorded by  @AshleyNapier21.
@DezHill Debrief

  • You wear what you tweet
  • Look at your last 50 tweets, it’s important to review them
  • Behind the scenes is not all about us, it’s about the viewer
  • You are your own brand
  • We made Twitter into what we wanted it to be
  • Twitter is a tool and is completely versatile
  • Your social media posts are out there forever, even if they are deleted
  • Don’t say something on Twitter that you wouldn’t say in a presentation in class
  • Tailor your tweets to your audience and be specific as possible
  • Who, what, when, where, why
  • Information is supposed to answer questions, not raise them
  • Say “thank you” to your followers
  • Be mindful of your writing- those 140 characters are important
  • You will never capture social media- it keeps evolving
  • Be interactive on Twitter
  • Tweet what is interesting to you. You can’t cater to everyone. Find your niche
  • Tweets must be ethically newsworthy
  • Twitter is not a diary

Twitter for Media 5/11/16

  • Geotagging is scary, but it is great for advertising
  • What works for one person does not work for another
Not everything is serious

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