Monday, May 16, 2016

#clarkclass final! Start thinking

You asked for it. 

Twitter final exam…to be emailed to, as a Word attachment, on Saturday, June 4 at 9:30 a.m.

Five page position paper

Using two Internet sources, and comments from three of our speakers, explore five ways twitter has affected  and changed your chosen or potential career--or, if you have the guts to break the rules--five ways  you think it is going to change higher education, or communication in general. Or, if you have even more guts, five ways you think it should change higher education for students' benefits, contrasted with current practices you think need to be changed.
Submission guidelines:
  • Written in 12 point Times New Roman or similar font. List Internet sources links at bottom of last page.  Name, twitter handle at top of first page.
  • Title of your subject--be creative
  • Double space
  • Modified MLA style (when citing course, put first word in parenthesis at end of sentence.
Keys to a good grade:
  • Paragraph often--no paragraph to be longer than 1/2 a page
  • Run spell check
  • Organization:
  1. Intro paragraph  introducing subject, thesis statement enumerating the "five ways," sources, and why you chose it.
  2. I recommend one or two paragraphs for each of the ways you think twitter has affected your subject.
  3. Be specific about your opinions and findings.  I want you to think about this. No BS, no big words, no vague generalizations.
  4. You gain points for specific quotes from speakers, favorite tweets during the class, thoughts that are your own, clearly stated. Be original.
  5. Concluding paragraph on suggestions for improving #clarkclass.

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