Friday, May 6, 2016

G. Must reads for tweeting--Day 1

#clarkclass must reads on twitter--a living textbook

Get started--three a day to tweet about by 5 p.m. today all hashtag #clarkclass--what did you learn?
*--Must read
    1)    Power of twitter--Longmire:
    *2)    History of Hastags--
    *3)    Advice to twitter users--
    *4)    Advice from social media pros--
    5)    Where we tweet --
    6)    Your content marketing--
    7)    Social media trends--
    8)    Boost traffic with quotes--
    9)    Internships that pay $84 K--
    10)    twitter equals GOP election success--
    11)    Twitter and Instagram--
    12)    Finding SM influencers--
    13)    How twitter has changed journalism forever--
    14)    Impact of twitter on journalism--
    15)    SM silences debate?
    16)    Keep your opinion to yourself--
    17)    twitter and hong kong protests--

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