Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Day 3 agenda/ outlines

  1. Review of professional adoptions
  2. @Scott Williams
  3. Debriefing
  4. Adoption interviews
  5. Trump assignment
  6. Reading assignments--tweet by tomorrow--Does this hold up with Trump's election?
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



5-10 min Presentation --show screen shot of twitter page, sample tweets
Potential questions --see paragraphs guides below
3-page paper to prof--due day of presentation
At top--Your  name, professional's name, professional's twitter name
Paragraph 1--Who they are, what they do
Paragraph 2--how use twitter, how long used, use other social media?
Paragraph 3--Their comments on value of twitter to professional
Paragraph 4--How they've seen it change, what see in the future?
Paragraph 5--Their advice on using twitter
Outline to every member of class--one page--bullet points covering essential information 

Comparison paper of class speakers

3-page paper --due Jan.7.
At the top—list speakers, pro sites-your name, date
  1.  intro—twitter use in your major—1 paragraph
  2. key points of two speakers
  3. compare and contrast
  4. what means to you as a pro and tweeter in future
  5. lessons learned

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