Monday, May 11, 2015

What you need to know

1. GOOD GRAMMAR. You must be fluent in English or you will flunk.
2. Faithful attendance. Because of the condensed nature of the class, if you miss more than
one session--regardless of reason, you cannot pass. Maximum grade with one day's
absence will be a 'B." You cannot make up assignments for the day missed.
3. Be on time for class. I take this personally and being late is the quickest way to get on my
bad side. Three tardies equal one absence.
4. Adoption of a mass communications professional who uses Twitter, and a
national/international media industry that uses Twitter in your major. Interview and
Tweet to entire class viewpoints for in-class discussion, and five-minute class presentation with visuals. Submission guidelines provided first day of class. Information on potential professionals and industries provided first day of class.
5. Three-page summary paper comparing two of in-class speakers with information from
adopted tweeters. Information on first day of class.
6. Daily Tweets on combined class Twitter site about class speakers and issues.
7. Final test, multiple choice.
SUBMISSION GUIDELINES for three-page paper: No fancy covers. First page includes
your name, date, subject title. Fourth page lists sources contacted. Paper to be stapled in
upper left hand corner. All work, except in class exercises, must be typed, double-spaced,
using Times New Roman or Palatino typeface, on one side of the paper, with 1” or 1 1/2"
margins. Follow Associated Press style. Make sure your toner is readable (dark). Work will
not be accepted unless it complies with these guidelines. E-mail submissions allowed only
on designated assignments.
DEADLINES: Must be met. Absolutely. Period. End of Discussion. Journalism is a deadline
business. Accordingly, late work will not be accepted. Don’t bother to hand it in—you get a
“0” grade. Absence is no excuse.
GRADING SCALE: 100-91--A; 90-81--B; 80-70--C; 60-69—D
·       Daily Tweets on class Twitter site—100 points--20 percent
·       Adoption and posts of professional Tweeters and presentation--100 points--20 percent
·       Paper on speakers--100 points—20 percent
·       In-class assignments--150--10 percent
·       Final Test—50 points--10 percent
·       Total Points--500

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