Sunday, May 24, 2015

#clarkclass closes with corporate twitter--UCO

UCO's main twitter page

Another two-week session of #clarkclass drew to a close Friday, capped off by two visitors from the UCO's University Relations office.
Phillip Dunford, coordinator of social media and the web , and Lindsay Thomas, coordinator of communication and marketing, spoke about UCO's growing uses of social media. Both have journalism backgrounds and bring that perspective to their jobs. 
UCO illustrates  the corporate side of twitter and social media, coordinated by a unified brand image and messages. The university has twitter accounts for itself, athletics, housing and more.
Here are some of the debriefing comments from my students, recorded by @SydOKC
  • "You can wreck a brand in 140 characters." 
  • “Doesn’t delete tweets whenever he messes up."
  • “They reach out to people and make it personal.”
  •  “I’ve personally talked to university and they’ve reached out back. Made me feel good to actually have a conversation with my university.”
  •  “If students have an event, we can reach out to them and actually share our personal events/organizations that we have."
  • “They really care about the brand.”
  • “I thought it was interesting to hear about what happens whenever big things happen on campus who give out immediate alerts to students.”
  • "There’s a time to be quiet.”
  • “I like how they use trending words. It reaches out students.”
  •  “It’s better to not be on social media than to be there and be silent.”
  •  “Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want on the front page of the paper.”
  •  “Don’t attend every fight that you’re invited to.”
     “Anonymous apps aren’t anonymous. If you post a threat you can be found.”
Lindsay Thomas and Phillip Dunford in #clarkclass. @Adamropp photo.

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