Monday, May 18, 2015

Broadcasting lessons and change in twitter in #clarkclass


If you want to teach about change, you need people who embody change. Desiree Hill,  @dezhill, our UCO television broadcasting professor, is one of those. 
Professor Desiree Hill teaching #clarkclass. Photo by @adamropp
Speaking to my twitter for media class Friday, she brings energy and professionalism to the students, with years of broadcasting experience. She brings new thoughts to new media, always student-centered. Using her research in Tulsa, she showed how TV stations there changed in their use of twitter over time.
She does far more than just show up in class. Her preparation and student engagement helps make our TV broadcasting program the best one in the state, winning awards and propelling our students into sought after graduates. 
Desiree is a newshound and presented the class practical advice and lessons on twitter and journalism. She uses twitter not only as a source of news, but continually tweets job openings. She knows students by their names and involves them in innovative ways--election coverage, telethons, management and more. In the meantime she's working on her doctorate.
It is fun and challenging working with her. Her positive attitude is contagious. 
At our debriefing, here were student comments, recorded by @SydOKC:
  • “Grammar matters. Never know who is look at your twitter.”
  • “Content, good writing and grammar all matter. It’s universal."
  • “You have to be professional. You never know who is looking.”
  • “Twitter can improve your writing.”
  •  “Gate-keeping was  just the media owners. Twitter  opened up the floodgates.”
  • “Some employers sometimes won’t hire you if applicants don’t have a social media account.”
  • “Just because you have social media doesn’t mean you know how to use it.”
  • “We need to think about these new media in a new way. We need to move past that and go to the future. How we develop our writing needs to be new. Just be new and creative.”
  • “I like that she hit on how it can help your writing.”
  • "Be the voice of your community.”
  • “Adaptability is one of the most important tools of a person going into their career.”
  • “The user is the maker of media.”
  • “You are public and you are in the network. Be careful with how you communicate.”
  • “It was interesting that she said to be ready because you never know when breaking news is going to happen.”
  • “Twitter can make you a better writer.”
  • “Users create Twitter. They gave us a backbone, but users formed it in what it is today.”
  • “The percentage of personal and business depends on the profession you are going into.”
  • “Hash-tags (high-jacking hash-tags) are valuable. ”
  • “Be specific. You don’t need to give a long paragraph.”

@okieprof tweets from her presentation:
  • Twitter can improve your writing. It's harder to write short than long.
  • Twitter writing should be specific. Make sure there's user benefit.

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