Tuesday, May 19, 2015

From theater to twitter, managing social media, in #clarkclass

Jenny Grigsby talking to #clarkclass. Photo by @AdamRopp

Jenny Grigsby's @justjennyg, advice to #clarkclass was sometimes blunt, always practical, and laced with humor as she spoke about setting out on her own as a social media manager for other companies.
She graduated from UCO, @UCOBronchos, with a degree in theater, and is self taught in this business which she admits didn't exist 10 or even fewer years ago.
She worked for a while in marketing at the state fair, before starting freelancing on the side. Six months ago, she took the plunge to full time freelancing, now with six or seven clients, including @BumbershootPR. She spoke to a combined class of #clarkclass and students in Dr. Jill Lambeth's Non-Profit Organizations class. (The state fair is a non-profit--go figure.)
Here are my students' debriefing comments, as recorded by @SydOKC:
  •  "Hand me your press release, not a research paper."
  • "It's always about public service."
  • "Twitter became a help desk."
  • "State Fair--people really like bacon and you have to tell them where it is."
  • "You don't abandon mediums but evolve to what people are using."
  •  "An internship is the most important thing I got in college."
  • "Check analytics on twitter and other social media."
  • "I liked how Jenny explained Twitter. She said it's like a resume. Use properly."
  • "You can't track things on Instagram. Easy to use, but not integrated. "
  • "You have to find a reasonable time whenever you live in different time zones."
  • "If you are in charge of social media at a business, think of it as your brand."
  • "Twitter is like a resume."
  • "Actually talk to people. Talk to them. You can't just follow them."
  • "She started with something completely different and ended up working in PR, marketing, etc."
  • "Evolve to what public is using in particular moment."
  • "Businesses using Twitter must have good customer service. It makes them memorable."
  • "She made something out of nothing within 6 months."
  • "Don't post links to Instagram. It takes too much time. Post the photo."
  •  "People want to get to links as fast as possible."
  • "Being able to step in for clients is one of the things she likes most about her job."
  • "Just because you have personal social media account doesn't mean you know how to use it professionally."
  • "Be more concerned about the business profile rather than your own."
  • "Taking on so many clients and molding to them, that takes a lot of hats and she wears them all."
  • "I worked at a non-profit organization and it really hit home with me. We talk to ourselves a lot rather than talking with other people."

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