Thursday, May 21, 2015

Innovation, practical wisdom and jobs, with twitter

@jmilllermerrell talking to #clarkclass. Photo by @adamropp
One of the innovative people I've  met because of the digital explosion is Jessica Miller-Merrell, @jmillermerrell, a few years ago at a blogging happy hour.
Her blog, Blogging4Jobs, is a trendsetter in HR, and has propelled this Okie onto the national scene as the authority. After being laid off from a job, she started this company, and blogging and twitter lead her across the country, in writing, in speaking, in consulting, and more.
Jessica's blog
Every time I talk with her, I learn things about life, working, social media. She opened my students' eyes to the wide frontier of possibilities in "social" media. 
A conversation with her is practical, laid back, and inspiring. She is expanding, hiring people, adding blogs and more. It started with a blog. She says twitter is the second more important tool she has after her blog!
But she had me, this old journalist, when she said she writes every day... 1,000 words a day. Read this. Yes!
Here are some of the debriefing comments from my students, recorded by @SydOKC for #clarkclass:
  • “She’s very efficient with her time. She has a planned schedule. She GSD--gets shit done.”
  • “She’s outsourcing her jobs so that she has time to work.”
  • “She touched on the corporate side. They don’t accept Twitter like they should.”
  • “When we go to job force we (20-somethings) are all about social media, but a lot of CEO’s now do not get it, or understand the point of it. We’ve got to be the bridge to connect.”
  • “You are in charge of your social media.”
  • “I would’ve never thought an HR person would use Twitter.”
  •  “She found one of her freelance writers on Twitter.”
  • “She found some clients around the world on Twitter.”
  • “Be your own person. You can only make yourself happy.”
  • “Twitter gives insight on people.”
  •  “You can use a blog to tell your story.”
  •  “You can use Twitter the way you choose to use it. It doesn’t have to be personal.”
  • “Blending: Whenever you find one commonality to build a relationship.”
  • “She uses timing to post things versus Jenny Grigsby who spoke yesterday and didn’t really go through her schedule like that.”“She doesn’t wait for people to do things for her. She stays on top of things.”

@okieprof notes:
  • "tech is the future. You have to try to stay up to speed."
  • "If I don't write every day, I get crabby."
  • "Twitter is the second most important thing I've done, after the blog."
  • "I hate email--it's the bane of my existence."
  • "Saying 'Buy this' is the equivalent of French kissing a stranger."

Here's a portion of her people to follow: @shelisrael @CHRISVOSS @Scobleizer

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