Monday, November 21, 2016

Must Reads and tweet

Must reads for tweeting--Day 1

#clarkclass must reads on twitter--a living textbook

Get started--three a day to tweet about by 5 p.m. today all hashtag #clarkclass, @UCO_MCOM --what did you learn?
*--Must read today
     *1)    History of Hashtags--
    *2)    Advice to twitter users--
    *3)    Advice from social media pros--
    4)    Where we tweet --
    6)    Your content marketing--
    7)    Social media trends--
    8)    Boost traffic with quotes--
    9)    Internships that pay $84 K--
  10)    Twitter and Instagram--
    11)    Finding SM influencers--
    12)    How twitter has changed journalism forever--
    13)    Impact of twitter on journalism--
    14)    SM silences debate?
    15)    Keep your opinion to yourself--
    17)    #blacklivesmatter makes a movement --
   18)  115 facts on "social" media --
    19) 10  employee skills you need --
   20) Trump twitter insults --
  21) Fake News --
  22) Student fix to fake news --
  23) Social media advertising guide --
24) Banned from twitter? -- 

1 comment:

  1. I have learned three different pieces of information from these articles.
    1) It took two years for Twitter to adapt and use hashtags regularly.
    2) Don't just follow people for numbers, follow people who inspire you by sharing and engaging with incredible content!
    3)For business make sure you set goals when tweeting something. Use the S.M.A.R.T. framework to do so. S-specific, M-measurable, A- attainable, R- relevant, and T- time-bound.